El dragon thoughts?

I’ve been playing with El Dragon to see what was up with him post nerf. And Ma! Talk about nerf! He’s now the most squishiest Character In the game!!! I say buff his health. And leave everything else as is? Because man Des he melt!

Have you tried the new El Dragon? What’s your thoughts?


He’s a fair bit harder now - the whole thing he had pre-nerf was that he had a few very strong counters (Whiskey Foxtrot was definitely one of them). Now he can be effectively countered by most Battleborn, but unfortunately that means he just gets absolutely wasted by WF.

He’s still viable, but I agree he needs an extra 300 health or so.

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I think he’s great now. He’s no longer a death sentence when you’re playing against him, but he’s also not easy to kill. I’d say he still gets the better of me on average, but compared to before I actually put a dent in him. I played as him and was top player in the game, but I didn’t play him much when he was crazy OP.

Most of these nerfs make people cry out that the character is now useless because they haven’t adapted to playing with the new stats. Everyone feels much better balanced overall, that I’ve seen and played. When I die I don’t feel hopeless because I feel like it was a more fair fight and I think I can get them next time! Whereas before I would just avoid El Dragon, Benedict, Rath and any other OP monsters pre nerf.

Yes indeed, he needs an hp buff. He still can get rly good kills but the skirmishing is real…

Get in splash like magicarp and run away.


10/10 for the Pokemon analogy. But yeah his sustain is terrible, he needs to be in and out real fast.

In pve fat bots always melted me before the nerf, now im scared and let attikus do all the work…

Just take the clothesline knockup at level 2 (at least I think it’s level 2) and trigger it right next to them, then splash, run behind it and crit it in the back of the head a bunch of times.

They spam bombs!!! I hate those nades or nades!! 1300 each bomb.

Idk if i bug those things with el dragón but they keep spaming nades unless attikus gets the aggro

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They don’t do it for very long, 3 seconds at the most. If you can trigger the knockup at the right time they’ll stop entirely.

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For the most part in the Attikus dlc he’s dead on the way to the thing he was going to fight.

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Level 4. Level 2 is Splash Damage.
He needs a bit more health or, better, 1.5 damage reduction on his base passive with an upgrade to 3.5. Give him some more early game sustain.


For the most part I can generally agree with him needing more health but that’s only because he dies fast but this I would prefer because he has a skill that increases it so it would be good to, if not have a biiittt more to his health, have more dmg reduction. He can still do quite some good but of course at the cost of your encounters to end up only being a quickie, but that’s no less expected. I’m not saying I play against tournament-like skilled players or just any of the highly skilled players everytime i play as ED but I find myself able to maintain myself quite well as long as I’m not uberly reckless about it. I play face off with him where it gets a bit chaotic but the varelsi really help with stacks. Long story short though, picking my encounters wisely and making sure I either had clothesline for an escape or that I just confirmed my kills. Dragon still overwhelms the hell out of some people, I find that moving zig zag for some reason really confuses people (including myself) and will force them to run, of course unless they’re characters with hard countering cc like a gali or monty. Overall I like where he’s at, I honestly don’t even notice the difference in any of his dmg output nerfs, only his health part of the nerf.