El Dragon Video Guide

Here’s a quick video guide i did for El Dragon during the beta, hope some of the new players enjoy

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Yeah know this beta cause no way now is El Dragon playable. He does no damage and dies way too fast he’s now the worst character in the game.

Gonna have to disagree with you. Here is a post i made from the beta after the nerfs happened that covers them pretty well. He was just way to strong before them since he could 1v5 the enemy team with little to no problem.

I don’t know, i go rarely die more than 5 times and usually kill 10-15. I’m quite tanky with my setup, yeah i need to be level 5 for that extra survivabilty but that’s fine, stun, leap and ultimate is so good together, it can still decimate an entire team.

He’s not weak at all, not OP either though. He’s really balanced as it stands.