El Dragons Current status

Finally played some matches with him last night after the nerfs and I have to say:

  • He’s as a thin as ice can get now. everyone can burn him in seconds.
  • His legendary is one of the worst, being penalized for missing with clothesline and dragon splash makes it a hassle, specially with the kitty pool radius that dragon splash has now, even after the helix option to increase the size radius
  • Everyone who has a AOE based ultimate still has a good radius on them, el dragon activates en fuego and you still have the kitty pool radius on splash, making it harder to land.
  • his pop up when cancelling clothesline and throwing an enemy into the air is very low. did pop ups get nerfed?

I played 2 matches last night and didn’t do too bad but it was thanks to the enemy teams not being well coordinated. These are some things i would like to see for him happen:

  • Remove the 25% damage penalty on his legendary gear
  • Either increase the Radius of dragon splash when on fuego is active or increase his stun by .5 secs or 1 sec.
  • Health increase

Anyone have any other suggestions? He’s in pretty bad shape, not to mention when you want to do some PVE, specially by yourself. they have tuned him where all his life steal and health regen helix are a must if you want to even stand a chance. I felt like I was playing a luchador assassin last night more than anything waiting like a stalker on the sides for the enemies to be low on health.


Paging @Dr_H0H0 and @RAAMzilla

I’ve never played as El Dragon, but I’m so sorry for all people who like him.

They nerfed him into the ground very very hard. I hope El Dragon gets a few buffs to balance him.

Just return his hp back to normal. His aoe size is ok, everyone else aoe got nerfed and en fuego splash dmg is not his ult per se, is his dmg boost.

He still can do his “job” skirmish, but with such a low hp is so hard to stay in front line long enough to kill a minion or dmg a battleborn before you need to retreat

If they aren’t going to change him much then i would say 2 things need to be done.

  1. Health increase
  2. Damage penalty removed form his legendary.
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I haven’t played him since the change, but I have played against him. An intersting thing to mention is that the team was actually using both of the nerfed characters, ghalt and el dragon in combination, using the slow from ghalts trap to snare people for el dragon to chase down and finsih off with his dragon splash combo.

I’ve heard that in the hotfix yesterday his melee damage was reverted in a stealth change. I don’t know if it’s true but that’s what I heard. Just putting it out there.

With the damage reverted he’s less of a support and more of a carry now but still needs either the radius reverted or the 2 second stun. Right now I can dive one person and kill them but when diving 2-3 it’s a gamble as I likely won’t stun them all.

Hopefully they revert one or the either so I can dive enemy teams again. :cold_sweat: He’s really bad on Incursion when played the how he’s supposed to be played. I have to only engage after the enemy team dives and blows their cool downs or wait for someone else on my team to dive.

I sent Grant all of my opinions and they did revert some things so hopefully he read them. :+1:t2:

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So his damage was reverted in a stealth fix?

Yeah I verified it yesterday.


Not being able to stun multiple people is a good thing IMO. He’s an assassin. But the damage change is interesting, thank you. @RAAMzilla, you got some stuff to be happy about

Thanks. That is something that should have been announced by Gearbox because that is a huge difference for El Dragon.

I was nervous the nerf would be more like a nuke so I rushed through my En Fuego lore kills the few days before the patch hit. Tried him again after and he didn’t really feel much different to me. Still felt like a game of : Is your shiled bar going down? If yes -> Clothesline and GTFO. If no -> Continue unleashing hell.

Honestly he’s ok if you’re playing some low lvl uncoordinated teams. but as a viable pic when going up against higher ranked players that are grouped together, You melt before you can get anything going. not to mention trying to get thralls with him now.

I don’t actually think gbx means to do stealth nerfs/buffs. I believe they write code and then the code works or doesn’t work or works but something else breaks down the road. Remember when Boulder got 3 hp/sec and everyone was crying foul and then they announced they were fixing it? I suspect this happened but I also suspect they will increase something for ED.

I sure hope they fix some things. I want to run around out there at least feeling like a Mid-Carder and not just a jobber

There are a lot of changes that should be announced though. This melee increase was included with the hotfix and there was no mention of it.

The same thing about bringing back Shepard bots in Incursion. This is something they clearly planned to do and didn’t even tell anyone after they did it. It makes me wonder what else gets changed and we don’t know about it.

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I think he’s just as viable. Against a coordinated team it’s always been a case of hit and run, especially pre En Fuego. El Dragon is a glorified mechanic until lvl 5, upgrading buildables and splashing minions most of the game until he can AoE stun. I think of him as a sort of group-gank Pendles and if you coordinate the En Fuego Dragon Splash you can wreck a lane. He didn’t seem especially softer to me than he used to be and with his helix options and gear the splash seemed just as insaneous En Fuego.

I just played El Dragon in the Story Operation. Damned frustrating as hell to do. If there is one Thrall Brute on the field El Dragon gets shredded to pieces just trying to approach. If there is more than one El Dragon is pretty much useless. En Fuego? Dead before you finish the animation. Dragon Splash? Dead before you even hit the ground. Clothesline? Well, what do you know, a move that he can use… to help him run away. I could use it to try and close the distance to an enemy, but even if I get a kill I’m probably going to die in just a bit anyway. So anyone looking o play El Dragon in the Story Operation and get both his skins? Bring friends. And maybe make one of them a Pendles just to revive you. And get used to dying a lot. I don’t recommend playing El Dragon in the op solo unless you ignore the Op Points.

I’ve only failed the story OP once. I was playing as El Dragon.