El Dragon's knockup

Quick question about the best way to score the knockup on clothesline.

Is the idea to hit with clothesline then instantly cancel it and get the knockup + slow that way (if you picked it in helix one) or are you supposed to stop short with your cancel to get the knockup?

May be due to lag (I’m Australian) but it seems when I go for clothesline hit > cancel for knockup it will often not score the knockup.

And yes I’m using the knockup helix.

I usually like to get either on top of them OR right in front of them and then slam it. But yes the radius is a bit small…also it has no indicator of who it is going to hit either. So hit, get a LITTLe ahead and then slam. Since they are usually running away. If they turn around well…en feugo and stun, they still dead~

So you’re inputting the cancel BEFORE you run into them and getting the clothesline hit + knockup?

It’s really a trial and error and depends on ping.
With green ping I cancel it exactly when I touch them with clothesline.

With yellow ping I sometimes try to touch before I cancel but mostly I cancel before touching. I.e. I’m in front of their faces and slam them up. This works 75% of the time for me. The remaining 25 I’ll usually attribute it to lag and miss.

Red ping usually I almost can’t knock up at all. But 50% of the time I knock up someone close to a wall to they can’t backtrack anymore and gives me a higher chance. But generally still cancel before touching them.

That’s my method.

It’s still trial and error mostly. Till you get the hang of it and then ping screws you over still.

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