El dragons lore help

So all I’ve been playing is meltdown. Trying to close-in minions and ground smash them. I just got him to lvl 11 and I’m at 272/1k dragon splash kills and 62/100 closeline’s. Also 30/50 en fuego kills… this is ridiculous. Is there a better way to dragon splash minions anywhere? Campaign doesn’t count

I don’t see why campaign wouldn’t count. As long as you’re killing actual Minions Robotics enemies (The Algorithm is your friend), I think they count as minion kills.

Campaign does count but only the algorithm and it still takes a really long time, after playing it and focusing mainly on the dragon splash I’m up to 250 after farming Geoff for a bit ; <

Yeah, that’s just the nature of some lore challenges. Really looking forward to 1000 kills with Rayna’s pistol later…

Oh that’s easy, I’m not looking forward to Benedict’s 3 hours in air or, even worse, 10 double kills with Toby’s ult which I heard is just the worst ; <

I absolutely gave up on ever getting Toby’s legendary gear again.

To be fair, I mostly do it for the lore, out of the 6/7 gears I got I use only ambra’s one so far, rest seem very “meh” or just have bad stats on them(I’d love to use El Dragon’s if it wasn’t shield regen ; /)

I’m pretty sure that swarmers don’t count as minions.

Swarmers don’t count but thanks anyways