El Dragon's stun is pretty sucky now

As we all know, El Dragon got nerfed pretty hard which was very much needed and I think he is in a really good place now… But his 1 second stun is really really bad in my opinion, considering the tiny area of effect too, you can only punch someone about once or twice when you stun them. Maybe it could be increased to 1.5 or back to 2 seconds, or maybe have another effect to it. Some buddies of mine discussed maybe having a 2 second stabalize instead of a stun (if that could be added into the game). Thoughts on this?

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Yeah he could get his 2sec stun back, he lost what made those 2 sec Op. Imo

Yeah a stabalize, where people cant move but can still attack

Oh like bind/root? If they add it I want it in galth kit not in el dragón

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Yeah like that! just needs something changed to it

He is still too squishy. I’m getting high kills but I’m also getting high deaths


That too… For a meele character its hp is so low… Gear can help to Fix that, hp+hp, attack speed +hp, att power + hp

Yeah I know gear can,but I like to have a lot of attack speed and not benefit from other stats other than health is disappointing

If I have to have 3 pieces of gear that have health that should tell you that he needs a health boost…

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Like melka?

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Yes but El Dragom is a melee character and a semi big target that can’t jump or fly like a Damn fairy (mellka)

Has one of the best escape skills tho.

So does mellka. But half the time el dragon players use that skill to initiate. First, they knock up followed by your ult then r2(which you will prob be almost dead). Again,mellka is a small target and his escape skill could backfire if you hit geometry. With mellka it is less likely.

Back to the OP, yes 2 sec stun should happen especially after his aoe got nerfed and the clap

All i wanted to be nerfed was his clap! long range, can crit, huge aoe and iirc can go through walls

The only nerf Dragon needed was a range nerf to his clap. The rest just utterly neutered him and now he’s all glass but no cannon.


Well range and attack speed to be honest

And that’s why I run stunner for the slow on clothesline. More time to get my shots in.

The attack speed on his clap wasn’t anything special really.

Other characters have access to 2 sec stuns on basic skills.

El Dragon has to use his ult and a basic skill all to get 1 sec stun on a small easy to miss AOE.

Seems fair.

I just want his ult to be extended and give him some kind of mitigation, and his stun back

Just give him everything back. Or nerf orendi into the ground. Either one at this point. There’s absolutely no reason the mid range glass cannon should out perform the melee glass cannon

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