El Hombre- A Jakobs Build

Hello everyone!
As promised, here is El Hombre: the rootinest, tootinest, most shootinest build this side of the new forums (unless you count @Chuck80 Deputy Sal of course)! If you’re a fan of westens, Jakobs, or lovely critical hit shennagins, you’ve come to the right place.This build abuses Gunzerking’s crit sharing ability and the Jakobs type B crit bonus to split the heads of anything you put in your crosshairs. If it has a crit spot, it’ll die before your finger leaves the trigger.


Anything with a critical hit boost- More crit damage for our Jakobs guns to multiply.

Anything else- More damage means more crit damage. Jakobs have small mags, so reload speed is a great DPS boost. Recoil reduction helps keep your crosshairs trained on an enemy’s head. Lastly, more time in gunzerk=more time dual wielding=more DPS.


  1. TumTum Hawkeye- Every bit of crit counts since the crit bonus on the weapon will transfer to all your others, so be sure to get this accessory if possible. Also, its pretty decent when fired from the hip.

  2. (Gemstone if possible) Skookum Diaub/ Muckamuck/ Skullmasher- any combination of these 3 will work. The Skullmasher will put out the highest DPS, but the Diaub and Muckamuck are no slouches either.

  3. Boss Damned Cowboy- Wanted for its 37.5 type B crit bonus. When paired with the Hawkeye, this can almost match a sniper. The slow fire rate also serves as a limiter for when you pair it with…

  4. The Bekah- I’m not too sure how the crit bonus works with the Bekah. Since its projectiles are unlisted, I think they each get the crit bonus from the Hawkeye. Don’t quote me on that though, I have no idea.

  5. Good Ol’ Shotty- A nice backpack item. Sometimes our aim sucks after a lonely night of whiskey and cattle ranching. If its works for the deputy build, it’ll work here.

Shields: Blockade/ Antagonist/ Evolution- This build requires a tanky shield, as you can’t really move around and 360 no scope while dual wielding Jakobs snipers. These are the best tanky shields that don’t reduce your movement speed, so they’re a good choice.

Grenade: Longbow Slag Transfusion- For slagging and healing.

Relic: Jakobs Allegiance relic- with recoil reduction + recoil recovery. If you think you’re super leet, you can forego this for a Heart of the Ancients to further bump up your DPS.

COM: Legendary Gunzerker/ Good Evil Monk- The Legendary Gunzerker is the COM for general play, since all the damage in this build comes from sharing the crit bonus between Jakobs, which you can only do while gunzerking. This build foregoes the Chaotic monk COM in favor of the good, as fire rate is pointless on every guns sans the cowboy, and the mag size will increase the time before you get to moneyshot.

Play style: Pop off the head of the littlest bugger you find, then work your way up the list until no one is left standing. With Lay Waste bumping up your crit damage, and NKLO and Moneyshot giving you massive base damage, you’ll easily be able to out shoot anyone this side of the Salt Flats. After the first two kills or so, it won’t be too uncommon to start killing things with body shots, but any punk with a gun can throw their bullets all around and kill somethin’. We’re better than that, we aim for the head, just like Montgomery Jakobs wanted.

Admittedly, I haven’t played this build solo too much, and my highest OP level is 2, so I don’t know how this fairs all the way at the tippy-top of the mountain, but from what I’ve played so far it can work if you’re liberal with your grenades.

So go out there and shoot you some native pandorans!


I myself like to gunzerk dual quads so I say go.for it.

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Similar or different to @Chuck80’s Deputy Sal build? (Link in the build master list if you haven’t seen it) If yours is broader than shotgun, I say go for it also!

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Much broader. I main 2 snipers, 2 ARs, and only occasionally a shotgun.


Looking forward to it!

Me too :slight_smile:

Alrighty then. Should be up by Saturday if all goes well.

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Hell yeah. And…

Hell yeah!

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2 SR and 2 AR? Sounds fun! :smiley:

I bet it’s a hawkeye and a bekha for one of each.

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You got half the formula down :wink:.

I guess the others could be a Gatling gun and the cobra or just a muckamuck

Not quite on the Cobra. I did use a white bolt action sniper at one point while leveling, and I did enjoy it, but they do not work at endgame.

And the second AR will probably surprise a lot of people.

Hush now, I can’t give away all my secrets :wink:.

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I hid my words lol.

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I call Kitten! (Yeah, I know, but still - Kitten!)

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I’m just gonna put the build in the OP so I don’t take up to much bandwidth. Editing the title too.

Sorry for the sloppy write up btw. Its kind of late and I need to get to bed :sleepy:.

Interesting build, mind if I dissect it a bit ?

Actually, the Skullmasher has both the highest DPS and the highest damage per shot of all 3 choices listed, and should be your #1 choice here.

All I need is one is a terrible skill, you’re better off with putting those points into L&L instead.

And last thing: without moxxi guns or points in the Brawn tree…how do you survive ?
My guess is that it would fare poorly in the OP levels without a serious investment in the Brawn tree. :frowning:

The basic idea is very sound, but you should probably rework it as a brawn-centric build

I’ve never had an OP2 Skullmasher to test out, so I put the Diaub as the highest DPS on the basis of its low recoil. Still, considering the Skullmasher’s fire rate and damage, it should definitely be the premier choice.[quote=“Chuck80, post:19, topic:1264005”]
All I need is one is a terrible skill, you’re better off with putting those points into L&L instead.
I would if any gun besides the the Cowboy benefitted. Personally, I switch the combos a lot between Hawkeye+Diaub and Hawkeye+cowboy, so I get the bonus fairly often.

Transfusion grenades and coop. I haven’t played this in single player too often, but I barely ever play single player in general so I’m my experience isn’t the greatest standard of measurement for how the build fares.

It definitely works in 2 player OP2, that’s where I’ve spent the bulk of my time playing this build. You do go down a bit, but getting up is easy. I could revise it for a solo variant, but again, I rarely solo, so I wouldn’t be able to gauge how effective the build really is there.

I see your point about survivability, but all this kind of falls apart without NKLO and infinite gunzerk, so I don’t know where I could get the points to fill up brawn.

I’m pretty sure that with the Hawkeye in your off-hand, you get more than enough damage to not need NKLO

Something like this: http://bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#050500501000545010415055005005051

…would definitely still work