Elder Scroll Online - Xbox 1

Anyone here play?

I got into the Beta some time earlier this year (I think, its been so long, it could have been last year)

There were a few things putting me off buying it at the time, the main one being price, but I cannot for the life of me remember what else bothered me about it.

Now I love Skyrim, and want something along those lines on the Xbox, and currently ESO is £20, or £28 for the Imperial Edition (So £8 for a Mud Crab, Horse and Extra Race), but it always made me feel they were gouging the player base to restrict a race for cash.

Now I hate Micro-Transactions, I played Defiance on 360, and they were not that intrusive, just the game got real repetative, and the lag was awful, however, D&D Neverwinter crammed Micro-Transactions down your throat to the stage I logged off and never went back, if you want them fine, but don’t try and force feed those who don’t, or make them feel the game is restricted without spending (and £5 spends are not Micro Transactions BTW, you can get Arcade games for that price)

So anyone got any feedback? I know early on it was almost impossible to group together to do quests as you had to be on the exact same section or you didn’t see anything etc, but I actually tend to play MMO’s solo, I just love the scale and exploration, and mainly running around like a headless chicken.

£28 doesn’t sound to bad a price, but I want to feel like I can play the game at my pace, enjoy myself, and not NEED micro-transaction just to get by.

By the way, I don’t recall, but on Xbox1 does it require a subscription over and above the Gold Account?

Thanks In Advance for the feedback guys and gals


I played the game at release for a few months. Does a lot of great things. It does include the Micro-Transactions like you stated, but they aren’t particularly intrusive and I was able to ignore them without much effort. The game does not require any subscription above and beyond xbox live, it was discussed before release but was scrapped. You can sign up for their monthly subscription if you’d like and it affords you a monthly allowance of “crowns” (micro-transaction currency), as well as, some in game bonuses and access to all DLCs, but again its not necessary if you’d like to avoid it. Since the release the game has come out with two DLCs thus far, Imperial City and Orsinium. Neither of which I’ve played, but both of which have been met with positive reception. You can buy them from the xbox store a la carte or i believe there is a season pass. I have no doubt i’ll get back into ESO early next year. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Elder Scrolls. Like I said, the game does a lot of great things overall. Can get a little slow at times, and it helps if you have friends playing, especially in terms of completing the harder group content, but its definitely worth picking up.

Thanks for the response @FingaFreak I might just pick this up, as I finish for the year on Friday, will give me something if and when I need a break from Maya/Krieg/Axton in UHVM

Out of interest, did you do much crafting? I really enjoyed crafting in Skyrim, and hoped there would be something similar in ESO.

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I did do quite a bit of crafting. Its much different than Skyrim and takes some getting used to the new system. Its a much more “focused” type of crafting. For instance: you have to train on each “perk” for every single armor/weapon type instead of being able to learn the perks once and use it for everything. You also to collect certain crafting materials that are specific to each race’s items. I liked the system a lot and you can create some great gear once you learn the ins/outs of the system and get used to where everything is located.

Thank you kindly miss

Thanks for the info @FingaFreak, you just moved it into the 90%+ buy zone for me

Dammit. I missed out by a day, back up to £70, so forget that.