Electra city a lot of legendaries suspicious

Hello im new to the game with ±40Hrs, so i joined a player on matchmaking to a true vault hunter mode on electra city, and then i started to see a lot of legandaries around the map droped, but i noticed that for every 4 of 10 enemys i killed it droped a legendarie, not counting the chests. I saw around 30 llegendaries, then i changed the map after killing the killavolt, with that same player and the drops of legendaries looks like it came to normal.
It happened to me on previous Borderlands games, entering on a lobby and theres a lot o legendaries around the floor, this is the case?
Can i report a player? How can i do this?

I find a healthy amount of legendaries in Electra City, too. If the same player was in a different zone that had “normal” drop rates then I dont think anything is tied to that person.

Enemies respawn after a while so if a player has just been running around in Lectra for ages the drops will build up. Probably nothing unusual.

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They do? I wasn’t aware of this. When I run electra city I usually just do a full lap with all the rares I want and then finish with killavolt before rinse and repeat

Not sure if the rare spawns return but all the reg badass / mobs / anointed have shown up for me in the past. I may have to do a run then fast travel back to the LZ to see if they do later.

Ofc the bosses won’t though.

I believe mobs of enemies respawn around the 15 min mark


Thx for this clarification man!

You should join someone’s game after finishing The Slaughter Shaft on TVHM. The entire mini map will be covered in gold stars xD

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Yet somehow there’s only ever one decent weapon out of the 40+ legendaries that drop xD

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I believe this to be the case as well. :point_up:

I tend to find more than one good item. XD
I play on tvhm, m4 with a 13% luck artifact equipped. It seems the amount of annointed are increased. Also, I have others playing too so, the drops are increased that way as well.