Electric Banjo + Brainstormer

So I was watching a video recently about the Electric Banjo. It looked pretty insane and it got me thinking…I have an Amara build that uses Personal Space + Brainstormer + TTB which seems very similar to what the Elecric Banjo is also doing.

So the question I have is…does the chain effect from Banjo work with or in parallel to Brainstormer chains and if so…does this work well together? Seems like it would be amazing but maybe there is some limiting mechanic that prevents it?

I was using an Electric Banjo and Brainstormer with my FL4K today.
I did not notice any difference when using the Brainstormer. The chain effect on the Brainstormer is so strong you wouldn’t notice the Banjo effect.

On Amara, wouldn’t you rather use an elemental projector?
The Banjo is ok but I wouldn’t use it on my Amara.