Electric banjo/hex grenade

I’ve seen on youtube that the location to farm this is the Billy’s at ambermire, I’ve killed all 4 multiple times on mayhem 3 and 4 but they still have not dropped the electric banjo for me, is anyone else having this issue?

Additionally I’ve done the same for the sky bullies for hex grenade, it has dropped once but hasnt again at all sometimes they dont drop anything at all which is weird considering the mayhem 4 multiplier.

Should I be throwing all gaurdian points into luck(drops) or what?

Dedicated drop chances are abysmally low unfortunately (<3%), and sadly, luck doesn’t help (it increases the chance to get blue gear it apparently)

I second this statement, dont waste your GR on luck

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I was in M4 farming for the Electric Banjo. I farmed them somewhere around 80 times. Now there’s 4 of them so 4x80 is 320 chances for the drop. Never happened. It was suggested to me to try M0 instead. 4th run it dropped. 3 runs later got a different version. I was on M4 to get anointed world drops as well. Got plenty of those. It was that perhaps the world drops were pushing the dedicated drop out. I’ve also had the same experience with the Hex as you. I’m going to go back on M0 and try again. Will just have to get really lucky for an anointed version.

P.S. luck stat has nothing to do with legendary drops. Never has. There has been extensive testing dating back to BL2 with the loot relic. Just increases the drops from white to green and blues. I’ve never spent any skill points in luck for this reason.

I wish I knew this at the start before I wasted putting luck at 10% :man_facepalming: be nice if there was a reset button for the GR’s

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I am curious if it affects drops with anointments. If there has been any testing done on this.

My personal opinion is thats it a waste of time, I did watch a video before they were testing out the luck artifact and it gave more legendaries without it on, im not too sure about anointments though, the tests they do are only 50 runs its hard to get conclusive data with only that amount of runs, as I said I wish I knew back then what I know now with luck, I have zero interest in it now :wink:

Luck does increase the chances for legendary drops. It just increases it by such a small amount that it’s negligible. It increases the chances for blues a lot, then increases purples a little, and legendary by a minuscule amount.
I did testing just before getting the GR perk, with no luck relic. And then again after getting the perk and wearing a luck relic. I got more legendarys to drop more often WITH luck. The results were actually apparent without having to write it all down, even though I did.
*Disclaimer, This is before they nerfed the drop rates. To do any testing now would require much patience. I farmed graveward for testing and got higher drop per run average (2 unlucky -3 lucky) and more drops per run max (3 unlucky, 5 lucky) and fewer no drop runs too. Not to mention the lack of whites and greens with higher luck.

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I bl2, the loot relic didn’t actually directly increase loot drops for high rarity, rather it decreased loot chance for green and white rarity, and by proxy increased the others. This effectively didn’t mess with the proportion at which blues and purples dropped in relation to one another. Assuming they’re doing this the same, that’s why it increases blues a lot more than yellows.

Totally not worth the time and effort then, considering I have 10% luck in my stats, I have the perk increase luck for 10 secs after a kill, and then running the loaded dice artifact and have never seen any upturn or extra legendaries, I would be more incline to think it may give you better or more blue/purple rarity items, just not worth the hassle for me at all

Does luck work the same in BL3 as BL2? @Felixthecoach knows what time it is for the BL2 relic, but given how much misinterpretation there is for that game when Gearbox actually explained the mechanics of the relic, and we have no idea whether or not BL3 draws the same, it’s weird to say that the luck stat doesn’t work in BL3.

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Yeah. I definitely don’t know for sure in this one, but my thought is more of a hypothesis because they kept other math stuff from last game like crit swapping. Seems like even though it’s new code, they probably directly copied stuff they could, which would mean back end math? Idk tho. I’m just a lowly data developer in healthcare.

I agree - I’d be surprised if they altered how they roll for gear (as explained in that one article, even if there are different fields that are each rolled (anointments and new parts, for example) when triggered. I would be surprised (a little anyway) if the “luck” stats (in both the rank and relic buffs) did the same as the BL2 relic, as in, it removes x% of the lowest rarity options from that die (instead of, for example, upping the odds specifically for orange gear, which is how many people define a drop rate)… like I have no idea what those percents actually refer to.

I’m surprised they haven’t made a legit luck relic with a horrific tradeoff… like if the relic is in use in tandem with all the damage inflicted on the boss (so you can’t just swap it in right before the enemy dies like you could with the BL2 relic), the boss will drop its dedicated (or random from the world if no dedicated) legendary guaranteed. The tradeoff is that it turns every weapon you equip into the Bane (including movement speed penalties), cuts your damage in half, burns 500 Eridium upon the enemy’s death (or no legendary if you’re too broke), whatever.

You just described loaded dice relic.
Substantially increase luck
-75% health