Electric Sand Hawk Wanted

Ladies and Gents,

Once upon a time I had some pretty good gear then…then inevitable…my PS3 bit the dust…no cloud backup…no physical backup…I know… just nonsense…and I had to get a PS4. I played through the game twice. Started doing the DLCs and when it came time to get the Sand Hawk I abused the crap out of the close application function (for hours) trying to get any element aside from plain or slag. Does anyone have one that they don’t want that’s a lvl 50? I don’t have a whole lot to trade aside from a crapton of Volcanos…and a Flakker (I think most people would pay me to keep that). A couple of Social Conference Calls as well. I’ll throw in the plain version of the Sand Hawk too if that tickles your fancy.

My PS3 Hated Me

I have a electric one that is level 50. You could used the upload character option then download it and save it as new to farm the sand hawk. That’s what I did instead of closing the application each time.

I’ve actually never even looked into that. I just went off a suggestion from someone on YouTube to attempt to farm it. I just got back into playing after a good long hiatus from games in general and picked up the Handsome Collection whenever it was on a sale and got readdicted to it. Haha.

If you have one that you’d be willing to part with though I’d be all sorts of thankful. I’ll have to try your suggestion on the next character I play through with.