Electric slide is better than Electric Banjo

Towards the end of my stream tonight i messed around with An Electric Slide artifact. The damage from the electric procs Seein’ Dead like the electric from Electric Banjo! Using the Electric slide will let you have extra perks like like Splatter Gun or Victory Rush AND the bonus perks like weapon DMG, SMG DMG, and Movement speed!
Don’t like to self promote but I made a quick video showcasing this. If you want an example or want to share to a friend it’s here! Honestly, just trying to help us Zanes.


Too bad I hate sliding. Never really liked the feel of it.


Dang,dude. It does take time getting used to. It might be worth doing for the extra dmg. A splatter gun Electric slide with extra shotgun and weapon damage could be nutty. I come from playing Destiny and Apex. Lot of sliding. :joy:

are you sure you can proc anything kill related but zane skills? it should not proc victory rush. anyway banjo was never really the best choice for anything. AFAIk only true kill will proc victory rush seein dead procs activates kill skills but not any additional kill related stuff from your backpack. @Prismatic correct me if i am wrong

While I don’t think the Banjo is the be all end all of Zane artifacts for mobbing, you are kinda missing what makes it so good. Its not the fact that the Banjo arcs can proc kill skills - its the fact it allows Zane to continually reproc PD (without breaking his rhythm), hence allowing him to abuse his strongest DPS skill on fast FR weapons like the Redistributor. The Slide requires you to well, be sliding, which completely breaks the rhythm of gameplay. Not to mention the banjo arcs scale of a percentage of your gun damage, meaning they will be far more damaging.

For stuff like shotguns which don’t benefit off PD (or can already kill most things in 5 shots), both the Banjo and Slide are irrelevant since the Seein Dead will basically guarantee your killskills are always active anyway.

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Nah, sliding was a wasted mechanic.

Only use is with a snowdrift for scooting quickly through a level.

I love those annointments that says “while sliding gain x”…

This isn’t Sega’s Vanquish with rocket powered slides


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You’re gonna proc Victory Rush after kills not from the chain lightning. I wasn’t trying to say that, sorry if it was confusing. What I’m pointing out is with this artifact, by sliding you will be able to proc all of Zane’s kill skills from his skill tree not the artifacts perk.(playin dirty, cool bore, etc) not only that but you get the bonus of the passive perks on the bottom of the artifact (+25% weapon dmg, 8% movement speed etc ) I tend to use weapons like torgue stickies or atlas weapons where sliding can really improve damage. I’ll have to test the damage between this and snowdrift. For specific slide centered builds this can be crazy Does that make sense?

I’m more trying to point out the added perks from Electric Slide. You can proc PD by sliding (with less powerful electric arc) but you will have the benefits of SplatterGun or Victory Rush and the plus 25%weapon dmg, movement speed ETC. If you use weapons like torgue stickies or atlas and slide to get extra damage, you might be better off with a snowdrift but you won’t proc the killskills with seeing dead. I totally see your point, man. I’m just trying to open the box for more slide centered builds. :slight_smile:

Lmao, love the gif, man. I’m not saying the slide will scale the damage. I’m sorry if it sounds that way. I just got done streaming for 3 hours. And was mad tired :joy: what I’m saying is, by sliding this artifact will chain lightning less powerful but in the same way Banjo does. This will proc Playin Dirty and other killskills. You’re also getting the benefits of SplatterGun or Victory Rush plus the passive perks on the bottom of the artifact. I slide and jump a lot. I’m gonna test if you’re better off using snowdrift after work. :muscle:t2: I appreciate the feedback!

If you can offset the difficulty of aiming when using a snowdrift I can confirm the damage scales dramatically. Without Violebt Speed a slide can get 900% base damage if I remember right. Either that or it was waaaay more. With VS and SSM I wasn’t able to test.

This wasn’t already known?
I feel bad because I run mine with a electric slide victory rush half the time so if I dash out of combat or reposition I can get kill skills, and I’m not even running McGangbang Zane. I assumed there was a splatter gun version based off of this build already.
I personally think this opens up possibilities for other builds more than it helps chain gang Zane since that build looks like it’s made for ease of use.

That’s insane!! Had no idea snowdrift boosted dmg that much. I was thinking 90-120% because elemental projector. :eyes::eyes: Thanks for the information!

I did some light searching and couldn’t find much if any info on this artifact. I didn’t know until messing with it. Doesn’t look like a lot of people have been using it. So, i wanted shed some light on it. That was my EXACT thoughts, man. I wasn’t trying to attack any builds. Chain Zane is def easier to keep playin dirty and everything up but you dont have the benefits of victory rush or whatever else. This just opens up builds. Trying to break the META up. The ability to roll with 3 more perks than Banjo is nice too, it just adds to builds. :slight_smile:

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I just redid the test for a different topic here’s the damage I got:

After that I spent some time sliding in the Splinterlands. Using a Snowshoe and Antifreeze com instead of Rough Rider and Infiltrator. Also specced into some damage skills.

Killing Skags was fun and not to difficult on M4. Rakks were annoying though. Any enemy on different heights would be probably. But it is really fun :slight_smile:

That is always needed. No offense to the gaming community but we get too little personal testing from the people who feel certain weapons and builds are their only options.
Hopefully I get to see sliding builds again soon.

Thank you so much for getting the numbers and doing the tests, man! Snowdrift is insane. Now I jus need to learn how to aim using it on console :yum:

Working on getting a nice snowshoe for a CCC build now :grin::muscle:t2:

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I like testing things :). A big plus for this build is if you have the space (and spatial awareness) it’s pretty safe. Low on health? Just slide away. I sometimes forget I don’t need to walk back to set up a slide, I can just slide back in half a second.

If you’re PS4 I have an sntnl anointed one I haven’t been using nearly enough for how fun it is to use. I just can’t get into that CoD slide to kill mentality.

Snowshoe with snowdrift that sounds tits.

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