Electrical Burn chances%

Yes, trying to stack a bunch of Dots doesn’t really effect EB the way you think it would, you would be better off spamming chain lightning so that no matter which tick procs, it still procs hard.

As far as I have ever found, Chain lighting is the best way to use EB for damage, do to the way it synergizes with EE and slag.

Chain lightning and Lightning bolt are the 2 highest source of shock DoT in the game.

Other Grenades are also good (about half as good as CL but twice as good as most guns)
Shields are about on par with grenades

So far however, my favorite source is Shock and Aaaargh
About on par with grenades, but it procs a DoT 100% of the time, to many foes at once, and costs almost nothing to create.

My new build is just that: Proc EB through fast reloads (I don’t bother with anarchy at all and reload after one shot) with occasional pauses to slag. The Grog Nozzle is perfect for this. Coupled with a Black Hole shield. I don’t even need DT most of the time and I almost never go above 30 stacks of anarchy.

I use a Rustler’s Orphan maker with a Deputy’s badge and blockade(or other high cap shield) for SaA spam, works well, had good DPS, works well with anarchy.

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Yeah, I tried with a Jakobs shotgun. It’s great and synergises better with Anarchy, but a Grog or rubi gives me healing from all the DoTs I create, allowing me to just stay in the thick of the fight and help spread the slag around.

Why the Orphan maker though ? A Coach gun would have about the same damage and you would not damage yourself with it (and depending on the accessory, it can seriously outdamage the Orphan Maker)

Unless you use self damage as a way to accomplish something…

The Orphan maker with the Rustler’s prefix shoots 4 projectiles instead of 2, and is the only version of that gun worth having.

The back lash is a small price to pay for the huge hitting power of that. Unstoppable Force eats most of the damage anyway.

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Yeah, I’m vaguely aware of that :wink:
I have a fairly well-known build designed around the Rustler’s Orphan Maker

It is indeed, the only version worth having.

There’s no denying the ROM’s power, but its not much more powerful than a Quad. It is only more precise.
And a Doc’s coach gun outdamages it on a well-placed shot.

I prefer the ROM on Sal because it’s very precise (and the way I use it, there is no backlash), but as Gaige, The backlash seems harsh and unnecessary.
Have you tried with a Doc’s Coach gun instead ?
You might be surprised

I mean: the ROM is the most powerful of these guns, but is the extra oomph necessary ?

Basically, you are going for Reload speed, because that is your Rate of fire when it only gets one shot, its not that the coach guns are bad, its that the ROM spits shots faster, at higher damage.

since Gaige has skills to offset the self damage, why not use the higher DPS gun?

you don’t even notice the back blast till about 150+ stacks, and it stays manageable up to 250.

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That sounds like a reasonable explanation.

I was expecting the backlash to be hard to manage at high anarchy.

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It can be, But as long as you can keep getting kills to proc BSS and UF it offsets it nicely with a High cap shield.

SaA with EB can really help to highlight what is still alive in the storm of explosions and bodies.

Plus it fights the tedium of Prestacking, and makes the occasional death not a quit to title moment.

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You know, I got to thinking after this…

I have largely switched to using the Tidal wave with Gaige, Its more versatile, but at the cost of less Single target DPS.

  • 13 pellets (15 rustlers) in 7 groups ala Hydra-ish, they follow the exact same flight path
  • center group of pellet’s is always dead center while ADS, for range shots and critical sniping, even at high stacks
  • Pseudo Bore, omg sooo fun.
  • Multi bounces, each can proc Close enough, up to 3 times, because of pseudo bore.
  • Still single shot, but normal reload speed. :confused:
  • Works better with more stacks, instead of worse like ROM.


  • wave pattern is difficult to focus on all but the largest enemy’s
  • lower DPS against single targets, Higher DPS against groups

It is realistically one of the, if not the most fun gun to use on Gaige. Its like they built the Tidal Wave specifically for her, Too bad it still takes CE penalty, or it would be top tier.

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I’ll certainly try.

IMO the Rustlers prefix is one of the worst for it. It’s spread already sucks.

I’d wager that the Texas prefix would be the best bet here (as long as it doesn’t increase the mag size)

The Huntin’ might also tighten the spread enough to make it usable at longer ranges. I’ll run some tests :slight_smile:

Texas, unfortunately does increase the mag size.

Huntin’ is very much a contender, if you are willing to trade some damage for the rather impressive accuracy.

Ultimately, I went with rustlers and a Jacob’s stock because of the high boost to accuracy, and the fixed spread being mostly immune to recoil. The fixed spread means that the center pellet group always fires perfectly center while ADS, and the Rustlers means that it has 3 pellets in the Center instead of two. A good scope is helpful.

again, all the pellet groups have the exact same flight path, and are only noticeable when close enough procs for some, but not others.



I thought the bonus was small enough to not register.

The extra pellets from the Rustlers prefix are in the middle ? That’s good. Only thing left to check is if Huntin’ doesn’t work even better.

its weird, none of the other prefixes do, just texas, and I was just as disappointed, I wanted that 1.9 reload pretty bad.

that said, what ever happened to that max stats spread sheet from the old forums? I miss that thing.

Edit: sidewinder does too, but its suppose to.

Texas is supposed to increase mag size too (less so than sidewinder) but it usually isn’t a big enough increase to actually add anything on Jakobs. Maybe it was already sitting at “3.5” and rounded down.

Another option is Tediore grip and Texas prefix…

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@Clyde_ here ya go.


could do, but that would probably hurt the base damage quite a bit.

The testing I did shows that the Huntin’ has superior single target dps to the Rustlers, but only if you aren’t aiming for crits, since the rustlers center pellet is three instead of two and is always on target, a snap shot is often able to land those three pellets and land a heavy crit. (doc’s approximates this crit, but is inferior to both in every other regard)

This gives huntin’ the advantage from the hip as its spread is about half as big, but do to anarchy, aimed shots show less reward, but sprayed shots land closer and proc CE more easily.

@khimerakiller Thanks for that.

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You’re welcome. :acmaffirmative:

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lol, it wouldn’t come up in search engines because if where it was in the forum. Glad they got that sorted.

That thing is a life saver.

Rustler’s adds 2 pellets
You say there is one more in the center cluster
Where is the other one ?