Element critical hits Anointment

Element critical hits can cause status effects of that element to explode, creating a nova that deals 500% of the Status effect’s damage.

Any comments about this anointment? I’m not sure if it’s working or not.

I use this with Moze.
It’s good for mobbing.
The best gun with this to me if the Kaos. It got good DoT/fire rate and mag size.

The nova happens incredibly quickly so it’s tough to catch some damage numbers, but it works. Try it with an Unleash the Dragon.

I think it’s affected by the gun’s status effect chance, so for something like a Krakatoa (0%), nothing is going to happen. I’ve also tried it with a Storm and a Firestorm, both having high status effect chance and damage, and they performed well (take this with a grain of salt, since I was using Moze with FitSD at the time). Maliwan guns are probably the best, because you can roll more parts that affect the status effect damage and a lot of them are splash, so you can further synergize.

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It’s working but it isn’t all that great, normally.

It’s a really neat find in any kind of Arms Race run tho.

What I always wondered is how does this work with cryo? :thinking:

There was a lot of things about it in this topic, it is a really interesting anointment if you are into building

Since the Brainstormer produces / chains multiple critical hits in mobs, has anyone tried a Brainstormer with this anointment? Can it create explosions for each critical hit? I haven’t been able to find one myself, so I cannot try.

It doesn’t do status effect damage, so no.

Yeah… Figured as much…

Anointments are among the worst ideas they pushed into this game…

While I get the sentiment generally, it seems like a strange opinion to levy against this anoint in particular. It’s not an insane damage buff, but can be the centerpiece of a build if worked around and it’s not connected to action skills unlike 80% of the other anoints. This is one of the good ones.

Yeah but it’s not near as good as the other ones…

Don’t get me wrong, this is probably the least broken anointment :wink:

But you can have double/triple damage without having to aim :pensive: so you see why most people would ignore this one (and it doesn’t work with cryo making it useless for some builds)

ASE and ASA anoints are useless for some builds as well. This anoint is one of the few in the sweet spot between totally useless and triple damage for breathing. It’s nice to at least have 1 or 2 of these in the game.

Yeah that’s what I mean :wink:

Anointments could be so much more and reward you for doing things

Now you get double/triple damage just using your skill or having one active

It’s pure powercreep… But it’s not just anointments that are broken :wink:

This whole game is a mess from the start from weapons balance (legendary inflation making everything but useless) difficulty scaling being in such a broken state and anointments making the game even harder to balance

Also an other question came to mind I haven’t really bothered testing (and probably really hard to actually notice)

Does the storm benefits from this anointment? Is it only the initial hit that procs it or do the orbs also proc it?

Atm I’m using above 90% health on it to strip shields haha

Does Megavore proc this anointment?