Element of surprise questions

Has anyone bothered to explore that skill ? is it any good ?

How much damage does it do ?
does it activate every time your shield refills? even if it was never emptied ? (like with an amp drain for example)
what are the nova’s chances to inflict DoT ?
Are they affected by ML ?

and lastly… would a build centered around spamming this nova be viable ?

Corollary question: does Start with a bang’s damage go directly to health, or is it normal damage ?

Coronary? Something we should know, Chuck? :stuck_out_tongue:

SWAB’s damage is regular in that it’ll hit your shields if you have any first before affecting your health.

Damnit! I knew there was something wrong with it… I meant Corollary

Extra elemental damage is multiplicative to gun damage, if you match the subroutine that is. Nova damage is crap, and defo not worth it. Maybe for stacking some extra ML the most.

Awww… :frowning:

ok, thanks