Elemental Amara Build - Do Harm Stacking and Ties That Bind - TVHM M4

So I’ve been playing around with this concept quite a bit over the past week and I’ve wandered into a sub-build of this core concept that is starting to gain traction with Amara. I like to call it “Gunslinger Amara”. But you can find many builds under the name “Sheriff Amara” as well.

The build I’m currently running looks like this. [NOTE: at the time of this post, the official Borderlands 3 character tree builder is not available. So the link provided is to a third party skill planner. I will attempt to update this comment with a link to the official skill tree planner once it returns.]

I use Ties That Bind, Stillness of Mind, and Soulfire as my action skill kit.

This build is centered around using Jakobs weapons that are hard hitting with big crit damage and that are non-elemental. The fact that the weapons I like to use in this build are non-elemental should clearly illustrate why I utilize the Infusion skill at 5/5 on this build. Infusion is a very debated Amara skill due to how it effects elemental weapons and their damage and DoTs. However, I can’t seem to find any weakness in using Infusion to convert non-elemental weapons (like the ones used in this build) into weapons that deal elemental damage. It only seems to strengthen the build, so I utilize it.

I didn’t come up with the idea of this build. First and foremost, this build is a subset of the build that @Twixled used to start off this topic. That is to say, the build is focused on the core concept of stacking Rush stacks/Do Harm via the Phasezerker COM to boost damage output significantly. I do not know who the first person was to come up with the genius idea of taking that concept and then steering it towards a Jakobs based gunslinger build, but the first person I personally saw do this (and the video that inspired me to go down this path) was a YouTuber by the name of “sin tee” (link to the video I watched that inspired my version of this build - here).

I like to run the following gear with this build:

  1. Gun 1 - Unforgiven
  2. Gun 2 - Maggie
  3. Gun 3 - The Flood
  4. Gun 4 - One Pump Chump/Monicle (depending on MHM3 modifiers or activity)
  5. Shield - Re-Charger (Transformer and Stop Gap work great too)
  6. Class Mod - Phasezerker (essential to the build)
  7. Grenade - It’s Piss (any grenade you like will work here)
  8. Artifact - Anything with “Otto Idol” will help a lot with survivability and is encouraged but “Elemental Projector” artifacts can help boost DPS and are effective as well

At first I was concerned that this build was going to be a text book Glass Cannon build (which always makes me nervous when running end game content solo). And even though it is definitely closer to a Glass Cannon build than to a Tank build, I find myself not going down very often as long as I stay mobile and smart about my engagements. This build seems to fall under the concept of “the best defense is a good offense”. Essentially the reason you don’t go down in this build is because your offensive capabilities and CC are so strong that nothing has time to damage you much. It is very much a high risk/high reward play style. But I find Phasegrasping several bad asses and several annointed enemies at once and then sending a single round down range into one of their heads and watching them all die with one bullet is amazingly satisfying.

I will attempt to gather some Circle of Slaughter and Trial footage to post in here so that there can be some video showing how the build plays.

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I’m super happy with this Jakobs Amara build!!!

It’s so much fun to CC a whole ring of mobs and just see one shot clear the room. Thanks for the post :smiley:

It wrecks in Slaughter Shaft, and not trying to discredit anyone, but @Derch has had this build up for a while now


daddy goliaths can still ****ing **** off with their tiny heads and no cc

sustain doesn’t work with jakobs guns, what is your reasoning behind putting points there?

It does work with the elemental infusion part.

no it does not, not on the guns he listed. Check out @DankRafft post here that explains the interactions

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I had originally thought that Infusion might proc Sustain… but I was dead wrong about that. I have since moved those points into Personal Space.

Thank you for pointing that out. I found @Derch YouTube channel a couple days ago (after I posted the above build). He is definitely an expert on this Gunslinger build. Anyone interested in the build I posted, I’d encourage to watch his videos on YT if you want a deeper dive.

Did you test this? Cos before respec I used to run sustain with monocle which was the only healing my char got because I still don’t have an otto idol.

in fairness to him, early stages of the sheriff build doesn’t use ties that bind and not yet fully optimized.

He was using ties that bind within a couple days of op

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Yes grenades will heal you, elemental guns, etc but not non-elemental gun damage even with infusion. This may have been something that was changed but as of a couple weeks ago it did not work with sustain,

OK then it definitely works now because I ran this build with monocle and no other healing items / skills except for Clarity but that is a very visible skill. I will do more testing around this and share with you guys.

Lacking a phasezerker con I found myself having to resort to what I have and found a good combination in nimbus Com plus projectile recursion.
Mine are both sub par in terms of stats, far from perfect rolls, but they work wonders. Nimbus’ cloud scales off the recursion’s extremely high dot, so you grasp a target, shoot it and everything takes HUGE amounts of damage and dies: the main target from the cloud and the other nearby enemies from the rebounding projectiles.
I am using ties that bind and stillness of mind.

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It is great to know that there are builds that focus on the TTB/SOM combo that do not require the Phasezerker mod to be extremely powerful. The Phasezerker mod is definitely an incredibly powerful mod (I find it hard to imagine that Amara has a mod/build at this stage of the game’s life cycle that is more powerful) but it is nice to know that there are other mods out there that can yield impressive results. As the game stands now, most Amara mains I see either run a melee/face puncher build that utilizes the Breaker mod. Or an elemental/mystical assault build that utilizes the Phasezerker mod. I want to jump in to the other mods more, but I’m currently fixated on trying to min/max this Phasezerker build.

That is interesting to note. I have shifted my build once again, and I admit I am not fully in the gunslinger/sheriff Amara genre anymore… but I do utilize the Maggie as one of my main weapons and I also still run Infusion. I haven’t gone back to check on if it works because I’ve actually been enjoying the two points that I had in Sustainment going in to Personal Space instead (bonus 24% total damage depending on how close I am to my target).

The damage bump from Personal Space feels enormous. The way it is worded makes me think that Personal Space is not just a bump in “gun damage”. It seems to be a bump that effects all the various stacks of damage being utilized in this build (Anima, Infusion, Temptest, etc…). So I don’t know that I can go back from Personal Space because it pumps out so much more damage. I use an Otto Idol relic to give myself some more healing during combat.

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Hello, this build is awesome, is there any chance of you updating it for the new level cap?

Are the links not working for anyone else or am I just dumb, I wanna try this build but I can’t open the skill tree links

I haven’t updated this build, nor even played BL3 in a while.

I’ll try and update the skills and make sure all the links are working asap though