Elemental Amara Build - Do Harm Stacking and Ties That Bind - TVHM M4

So I want to test that later today actually because I found something a little strange.

Soul sap does in fact proc when you grasp a lone enemy. And if that’s the case, shouldn’t Laid Bare also apply?

I ran some tests with just Soul Sap and Laid Bare and neither of those skills did apply to the grasped enemy if you shoot just that one. The grasped target always took the same amount of damage (minus the loss in gun damage from decaying Phasezerker stacks) and when grasped just one non-grasp-immune target with no linked enemies nearby there was no healing. Don’t forget to respec because otherwise you’ll obviously gain healing from Sustainment (I made this mistake once and had to redo all of my testings because of this oversight :smiley: ).

Ahh! I didnt expect the same type of orb to come from sustainment. Really, I didnt expect any orb at for it but that makes sense. Thanks!

You might also want to rethink the 5 points in Wildfire. Instead, 1 point in Wildfire and another one in Catharsis (or 2 in Wildfire instead) is enough to progress further down the tree. Both skills do barely anything anyway. The remaining 3 points are worth a lot more if spend in Steady Hand. More stable shooting and easier crits translates into a lot of additional damage. Missing just one crit due to recoil or inaccurate weapons will lose you tremendous amounts of overall single target but also AoE damage.

Yeah I mention it in the skill section that Wildfire isn’t great. Peronsally, I don’t care much about the accruacy and handling. But there’s a blurb there that says if you want it, take the points from wildfire.

What I’ll likely do is add another blurb near the skill tree that lists the interchangeable skills.

Mind if I post (or if you wanna post it in the comments there) this in the build collection thread I made for Amara? It will link to this thread. The OP is simply a compilation to make these easier to find for people. :slight_smile:

Awesome job though. Very well written guide.

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Go for it! :blush:

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Awesome! Will do. This is a prime example of how guides should be done, so appreciate it. :slight_smile:

This might be another contender for best-in-slot grenade:

The debuff is basically another damage multiplier. Deletes bosses from the game.

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Oh nice! I have yet to pick one up. I plan on going more over grenades pretty soon!

Edit: Also more weapons and relics. Probably later today

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Honestly first time I saw the skill trees I went with ties that bind and laid bare. But I found that they would surely not work together.

So I’m super pumped to learn that they do work together!!

Also I promised myself not to come here before finishing the story to avoid spoiler… I’ve failed myself! But at least I’ve learn this great news!

I really want to try this build, but I can’t for the life of me find the class mod. Does anyone happen to have a spare for PC? I’m Ivonbeton86 on Epic. I’m trying other builds, but other than melee sadly it looks like Amara really doesn’t have a lot of damage multipliers and I really don’t want to play melee.

I can help you out with finding one. I’ll be home in a couple hours if you dont have one by then

Edit: I may have sold all of my extra ones actually

Alright man, appreciated even if you have already sold them, haha :slight_smile:
Let me know! I’ll keep farming, but they nerfed Mayhem drops a lot just now. I farmed the loot tink for hours on end dropping like 5 legendaries a pop and still didn’t get it. That’s no longer farmeable now sadly.

Hey-I added you on EGS, display name is shinen. Been farming Chups hard w/ a friend of mine and saved a spare if you’re still missing the zerker mod.

Awesome man, I accepted your invite! :slight_smile:

Hey man @Twixled, a thought came to mind. Not sure if I should DM or open this up to public (crowdsource ftw), but regarding 1)how does CDR work…check it:

If there truly is a CDR cap we’re not aware of, that means you don’t need to run Avatar. If you don’t take the capstone Avatar, you’ll still have 15 stacks of Rush with Phasezerker, or 150% supposed CDR.

Can you test that? 18/(1+1.5) = 7.2s, which is still well below the potential CDR cap. If the cooldown is STILL ~9-10s…then WOW we just freed up SO many skill points in the Mystical Assault tree.

We’re talkin Adding Melee.

11 Extra points here: can spec towards Laid Bare + Remnant (damage) or Sustainment/Indiscriminate (Melee can LIfesteal with Illuminated Fist + Sustainment).

OR. Lean into melee more, while maintaning capped CDR: Best of both Melee and Mystical Amara Builds.

You get your bare minimum in Mystical Assault (all you REALLY need is Do Harm 5/5 and maybe 2/5 Tapestry for 100% status chance) and nab Blitz, Guardian Angel for some serious melee damage, status damage, and spread from Fist of the Elements tree.

Now you can run Face Puncher gun, Unleash the Dragon relic (insane, maybe bugged damage, you can melee for 36k and the damage will tick for 56k/s, spreads with Wildfire), Brawler shield or Black Hole Shield (singularity yourself over and over with Mindfulness), Quasar. Maybe think about Catharsis (which does self damage) + Transformer, allowing you to get big shield boosts on enemy death shock novas, though it might not outheal the ignite proc on yourself.

This is all contingent on what the cooldown is for a 15 rush stack Phasezerker mod for Ties that Bind. I’m not in front of my BL3 computer now–somebody please confirm that it’s still ~9-10s cooldown? If it’s a little off, then Restless will be a stronger option to reach the hypothetical cap. If this is confirmed, Holy ****

TL;DR for the lurkers:
This can be a 150% CDR melee build, abusing both amara’s melee prowess + Ties that Bind interaction.

Sooo when I was first testing Restless vs non-Restless, it made a big difference because I realized I didn’t spec into Avatar. I think I got something like an extra 3 or 4 seconds? I can try it again.

10 less stacks also makes it take longer to really stack up your DH stacks.

I’ll certainly look into it! I was thinking about ways to make this work with melee

Hey there,

I just did some testing regarding CDR. I currently have ~10 CDR from guardian ranks and as far as I know, it is currently not possible to deactivate this, so I was only able to test with this as a basis. These are the results for the cooldown duration of Ties That Bind:

  • 10 % CDR from Guardian Rank: ~ 11.3 s
  • 10 % CDR from Guardian Rank + Phasezerker: ~ 10s
  • 10 % CDR from Guardian Rank + Phasezerker + Avatar: ~ 8.8 s
  • 10 % CDR from Guardian Rank + 21 % CDR from Relic : ~ 7.5 s
  • 10 % CDR from Guardian Rank + 21 % CDR from Relic + Phasezerker: ~ 7 s
  • 10 % CDR from Guardian Rank + 21 % CDR from Relic + Phasezerker + Avatar: ~ 6.5 s

I did not attempt to keep the Rush stacks up while Ties That Bind was on cooldown, so I actually lost a few stacks during the process. If you keep the stacks up, the cooldowns will probably be slightly lower, but not by much.

I tested this several times and got consistent results, so I am pretty confident about the numbers.

This means that if you have CDR from guardian rank and a relic with CDR, the CDR from Phasezerker is pretty negligible (with or without Avatar) and the CDR added by Avatar even more so. If you do not use a CDR relic, the impact is much larger and I suspect the same is true if you do not get CDR from your guardian rank.

EDIT: The numbers mentioned above are wrong. They are a result of the bug described here: Phasezerker Amara and Restless (Spoilers, it's bad.). See my post below for correct numbers.

Do you have points in Restless?

Just clarifying if you got from an 18s cooldown to 11.3 with just 10% CDR from Guardian Rank.