Elemental Amara Mayhem help

So, I have an elemental build and I’m looking to take it into Mayhem 3, and input would be helpful.

Build: https://bl3skills.com/siren#5050000000000000500400000005005051313051

Cash-Infused Brainstormer ,for chains, great for CC also strips shields in large quantities
Moar Linoge, not a huge fan but it does good damage
Molten Vicious Lyuda, for mid-long range targets especially fleshy ones
Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkin, really good at freezing and deals decent damage

Transformer, bullet absorption and shock immunity in case of bullet deflection modifier
Generator Tran-fusion Tracker, best transfusion grenade I’ve found also does radiation damage
Raining Tangled Nimbus, I was previously using an elementalist mod but thought the cloud damage was a better trait
Elemental Projector White Elephant for +90% damage

I’m doing okay in Mayhem 1, but I’m looking for help getting her beyond there.

I am running this build in M3 (also without the Phazezerker class mod):


Sustainment (red tree) is the best healing skill in the game. You can face tank groups of enemies with it. Mindfulness (green tree) makes you running very fast and your shield will almost always be loading. This is especially powerful with the Transformer shield, because even a small charge will give you 40 % bullet absorption. With Helping Hands (green tree) you get 40 % damage reduction for 15 seconds after using Phasegrasp, which is really huge.

Once you get your hand on a Phasezerker class mod, probably it will be better to switch to one of the Phasezerker builds, which all get the capstone of the blue tree in order to maximize the benefit of this super powerful class mod.

What action skills do u use on that build?

Here’s what I run:

Works really well and this build has taken me through the Slaughter Shaft without dying… I mainly roll with the dp laser sploders and a two other fillers if needed… which is really never.

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Mine doesn’t :confused:

Phasezerker COM will also work if you just put one point in TTB and ignore the rest of the Mystical Assault tree.

Anybody got a good phasecast build?