Elemental atlas guns?

Anyone seen (or know if) an atlas gun can drop with elements attached? I would love to have a smart gun in every flavor. but as of time of writing and hitting level 28, I’ve yet to see one.

None of the Atlas legendaries I’ve found have come with elements, and on the Google doc listing them all they all show as non-elemental. Atlas could be the new Jakobs that way, which is a shame cause I was hoping to see some callbacks to the elemental Atlas guns from 1.

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I remember having a shock Carrier once. I think I sold it but it’s the only elemental Atlas weapon I’ve seen so far.

The Rebel Yell assault rifle only seems to come in shock iirc

Thats 100% correct.

You might be able to get lucky and get a anointed one with elemental damage after action skill.
I’m not sure if every weapon can get every kind of anointment, but still.

I think thats the closest they come. Its possible that elemental tech might be a high level quality gimmick for Atlas the way certain parts were for other manufacturers in 2, and since we’re only at 50 for the level cap right now it doesn’t apply. I’m hoping thats the case for things like Singularity grenades, cause other than the Quasar I haven’t had a single one drop or show in vendors.

The Legendary Yell is a shock weapon and it’s garbage. All of the Atlas Legendary AR’s are. I much prefer a blue rarity Q/N over the legendaries.

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Rebel Yell isn’t strictly elemental in itself. It’s only the Tracker Darts it can fire that deal shock damage. The Smart Bullets themselves deal non-elemental damage, just like any other Atlas gun.

That said, the very fact that Atlas guns don’t deal elemental damage (without the aid of certain class-specific abilities) is enough to deter me from utilising them in battle. Heck, there are even some unique/legendary Jakobs weapons that come in elemental flavours. (I’d say they have Atlas beat on this particular adventure.)

I don’t really get why they don’t come elemental either. At least Jakobs had a reason in the lore of the game, Atlas just seems to be an oversight on the devs part.

Still loving q systems though! I’ve saved every double Q system I’ve gotten over the past week. If they were elemental they would be the only thing I use in my build.

What’s great about qsystems? Love atlas grenades, haven’t found a gun I like

They have incredibly solid damage (purples top out at around 1080 or so per projectile), always come in with X2, and just have solid all around stats otherwise. Being Atlas weapons, they are also stupidly easy to keep on crit. The tracking lastS for almost 30 seconds, minimizing the amount of times you need to manage the Atlas gimmick.

They are just super effective vanilla weapons.