Elemental barrage at 700 stacks - more goodness [DLC4 spoilers]

Just thought I’d show off a bit :stuck_out_tongue:. It might also be useful to anyone struggling with the final boss in Claptastic Voyage.
Also, this type of post isn’t complete without a special mention to sailb0at and his Nukem massacre


Seems so easy in your video ^^
Also, what is ammo? xD

Indeed :smiley: I almost feel bad for poor EOS, I’m killing all his guys just by literally spinning in one place with my finger on the trigger like a 5-year-old. But that’s gear synergy for ya :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why I love Athena even now. Elemental Badabooms and the Hail are exceptionally potent and fun (imo) with so many stacks. But really anything Fire/Shock becomes fun with Infiniammo and rapid fire :3.
Nice video :slight_smile:

Tried the Hail myself, EOS is too far away to reliably hit :angry:

Noooooooo :frowning:
Still, there’re plenty of other fun choices :slight_smile: