Elemental Bitch

Last night I picked up a Shock Bitch from the Bunker.

Kinda surprised me, I looked in my database of legendaries and I have collected 24 Bitch’s. Only one of those previously had an element (slag), so another elemental was unusual.

Is there a particular bias in the loot system to limit elements applied to the Bitch? Or have my RNG encounters with the B just led to very few elemental ones?

There appears to be a particular bias in favour of non-elemental, at least. Once that’s out of the way, the remaining elements appear to be equally weighted (for any weapon that doens’t have a fixed element, at least.)

More here:


The SandHawk test is the largest one I’ve seen. Being a quest reward (guaranteed drop) as opposed to a farm (10% chance to drop), it’s actually viable to show an effective sample.

Another great drop test (Veruc and Lyuda) here :

The odd thing is that the Lyuda had a much higher chance to have an element than the Veruc (or SandHawk or any other test I’ve seen) - my theory is that it’s because snipers are coded differently.

Clearly it’s unrealistic to record Bitch data with the Bunker’s diluted loot pool. Regardless it’s likely that the elemental vs non-elemental chance is very roughly 30% vs 70%, with all elements having an equal chance.