Elemental boom sickles?

they can spawn with the boom prefix AND elements right?
because i am at the warden right now and the drop rate is pretty low anyway and i dont want to waste my time if this combination is not even existing

They exist. They’re rather rare though.

I’ve been farming the warden for days looking primarily for a Wagon Wheel. I’ve gotten one Boom Sickle (with a bad anoint) and it doesn’t have elemental damage. I’m going to continue farming him because I also want the Wagon Wheel with ASE 100% dmg anoint. I just hope that they don’t turn around and nerf the Boom Sickle.

Are you on ps4? If so add me, same name. I have a 100 ase wagon wheel with the 2.2x sight. LF good boom sickles.

I’ve got a cryo boom sickle.

I’m on Xbox. :disappointed:


Same as here, sixpackstl.

I got one wagon wheel with a Moze anointment. I also have a couple lucky 7 and like, 10 Maggie’s. Maggie’s are annoying. If I find a wagon wheel I’ll send it, unless you want any of the others.

Thanks, I appreciate it. I’ve got the others already. Just looking for this specific Wagon Wheel for an Amara build that I want to play with.

I’ll keep an eye open. If I get one I’ll toss it to you. I don’t use em.

Yea, I haven’t either. This build seems interesting though and the Wagon Wheel is the main weapon for it. I’m gonna farm Warden a bit more because I’m trying to get a better Boom Sickle too.

I just got a Dobby sickle off katagawa (not the ball). Not sure if this helps farming.

I’m on Xbox and have a cryo Boom Sickle with 50 cryo f2m annoint

I’d love any elemental boom sickles, preferably without a crazy zoom on it. If it’s got the 5% damage/reload per kill that’d be great for my Moze on PS4.

I’m still farming the Warden and he refuses to drop a Boom Sickle. I haven’t gotten a single one since the hotfix and I’ve farmed him for hours.