Elemental challenge glitched (help needed)

so i was looking through my challenges to complete for the trophy and i noticed my “i just want to set the world on fire” challenge is glitched. it says 170million/5000. is this happening to anyone else on the next gen consoles? any known fixes for this?

havnt payed attention to the actual stats on it, but as im playing in areas I use a lot of slag, the challenge (slag licked) keeps poping up as completed. I think in past few days ive completed it a dozen times atleast no joke. Its bigtime glitched. Im playing on PS4

I’m having the same problem with the slag licked challenge on PS4 - HC.

I posted in the tech support forums and in the report your bugs thread.

Hope this gets fixed soon.

I’ve got issues with the world on fire challenge too.

It sucks because it’s the last challenge I have to complete as well. The character is a transfer from PS3.

Hopefully there’s a fix incoming. The number is slowly but surely getting towards 0 but it’s a grind.

i have the same problem with mine only challange i have left! message me if u find a way to fix. and gearbox if u read this plz fix!!!

I would submit a support ticket - it’ll be the fastest way to get this addressed.

I too have just noticed that I’m having this problem. Has there been any solutions put out there for this yet?

me to i just want to set the world on fire is glitched i could of platium this came 4 months ago but i need help with this challlenge make a guide on youtube

it happen to me

Submit a support ticket.