Elemental Challenge Stuck @lvl1

THIS HAS NOW RESOLVED. Good news, so just 2 trophies away from Platinum :smile:

Hey guys. When the HC came out I played through glee and loved doing it all over again. Unfortunately, end game activities made me stop playing. Notably glitches or bugs with Terra and Hyperious to mention but a few.

But I wanted to do the Platinum Trophy, and build up my Badass rank. However, the Corrosive Elemental challenge is stuck at level 1 and somewhere in the mega billions of damage. I was hoping after recent updates this would have been resolved, but when I went on last night for a blast it is still stuck and I can’t progress.

Small things like this stop people playing. Can you resolve this?

p.s. Seems to be playing super smooth now on PS4, not sure of the engine was updated or not?