Elemental Claptrap build?

I’ve been wondering, is it possible to make a build around the Short Circuit or the Glitch, or maybe even the Eridian Vanquisher COM?

I’ve tried putting together a skill build for the Short Circuit with as many elemental skills as possible.
Element of Surprise might work well in combination with Wax On Wax Off in releasing lots of Novas, not only with a Tediore shield. The boosts to Killbot and Maniacal Laughter look promising for heals.
Not very sure on gear, I only know that I’d probably want a Grounded Black Hole shield and some :zap: IVF and a couple of other :zap: guns and grenades and maybe Oz kit in that setup, as well as one fallback option against shock resistant enemies.

A skill build for the Serendipitous Glitch (without Float like a Bee) might look like this, basically just 5 points from Organized Guns shifted to Coincidental Combustion to take advantage of the increased freeze chance from the cryo slams from Cryogenic Exhaust Manifold.
Again, the only pieces of gear I’m sure about here would be a Juggernaut oz kit to max out slam damage. No idea at all about guns. Maybe carry one of each element, of each gun type, mostly Maliwan, maybe a Party Line for the fire element.

Lastly, this is what I came up with for the Eridian Vanquisher com (there should be a 9/5 All the things are awesome, but the skill calc is apparently bugged).
Loadout would probably be similar to the one right above, while I’d try to go with guns with small mags do start with a bang often.

So, input on gear or alterations in the skill builds, as well as a discussion about which build should be most viable out of the 3 are very welcome!

Here’s my TP4-N0-v4 (Trapanova) build. I was using a Grounded Black Hole, with a Meteoric Oxidizer so my slams would deal fire from the Oz kit and Cryo from CEM. Plus getting the Shock Novas from the Black Hole and using a Quasar for my grenade. Corrosive IVF, Cryo T4S-R, Rugged Mongol for FFYL. This set-up has been working quite well so far. I’m only up to level 41 with him at the Calibrate Turrets step of Let’s Build a Robot Army in TVHM. Most of the time I don’t even bother firing my guns or using grenades. Instead I just Slam Spam. This sets off lots of novas and triggers the Rainbow nova fairly often.

hm, that might be the key. There’s seriously no way to keep up with all the subroutines changing all the time, and I run out of ammo for tediore throws during mis-matching subroutines pretty fast. I’ve noticed that corrosive guns and grenades will max out my ML, but the damage output is poor and the ammo efficiency is pathetic (well, that’s what gun wiz is there for…). Especially boss fights take at least 3 times as long as with my explosive build. I’ve tried all kinds of guns, IVFs, Tediore Railguns, Maliwan pistols and snipers, hyperion shotguns, but none seems to reliable in dealing the damage type I need.
In the end, I’m just trying to get stuff frozen so they can’t shoot me, and pound their crit spot with the next best thing in my loadout…

I’ve redone my TP4-N0-v4 build plan to maximize shields and health and their regens in solo play. I also removed Element of Surprise so the only penalty I have is the wrong gun type. This also increases the odds of the shield or health subroutine popping up. Plus this build now only has 2 unlocked action packages, Laser Inferno and Gun Wizard. I’d drop YGTLM to remove Gun Wizard, except since I’m getting as close as possible to the enemies for the butt slam spam, the Friendship Nova healing helps. However, I think I might test the build without YGTLM to see how it works out.

I’ve found I get maxed ML stacks the fastest when Laser Inferno triggers. Since this build is more about butt slam spam Gun Wizard doesn’t really matter to me.