Elemental damage against players

If anyone would like to answer this, I was wondering about how elemental damage types effect the player. I understand how they’re supposed to effect mooks but do the same mechanics and damage coefficients apply to the player aswell? Just want to know if there is a mechanic I might be overlooking when deciding what gear to keep and apply when doing activities.

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Krieg has one skill tree completely focused on elemental damage. Healing and damage focused skills.

And yes, he sets on fire himself.

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If you’re asking if players take elemental damage, the answer is yes. Some of it can also be self-inflicted.

The Chulainn, for example, will slag the person using it as well as the target. If you toss a corrosive, shock, or fire grenade at your feet, you’ll take that elemental damage over time. If you run too close to the remains of a burning barrel or corrosive cloud, you’ll start taking area of effect damage from it.

There are relics and shields that provide either increased resistance or immunity to specific elemental damage types also. This can be helpful when you know you’re going to be dealing with an enemy (such as a raid boss) who specialises in a certain damage type.

Hope that answers your question?

My question was more along the lines of whether elemental damage modifiers have same affinities towards the player as they do towards certain enemies?
Corrosion, for example, does 50-75% more damage against armored targets but 10-40% and 25-60% less against flesh and shields respectively. Players don’t have armor, so would corrosive attacks against the player do less damage then average or would incendiary attacks hurt more by comparison.

Not sure. There may be something in the Lootology post or on the wiki. You could also experiment a little - set off a fire or acid barrel while you’re standing next to it, and watch what happens! You’d need to pay attention to both the damage and the duration though; it certainly seems like corrosive effects stick longer than others, but I’m not sure about total damage.

I can definitely say that the Impaler will seriously damage the wearer under certain conditions, one being when the shield fires a spike that detonates close to the wearer. It took me a few days to realize just where that mysterious corrosion damage came from…IOW, derp.

To the best of my knowledge, the player has the same resistances as any other target.
The player’s shield has the same resistances as enemy shields, and when shields are depleted the player’s health has the same resistances as unshielded enemies, with one exception: Claptrap players in TPS are considered armored targets(because he’s a robot, of course). Also, When in a vehicle, the vehicle’s separate health bar is considered an armored target.

EDIT: Just realized this topic is really old, this is embarrassing.

I’d like to circle back to this for a moment.

Being as this is an old thread I’d like to ask if anyone knows if this is true or not because it does seem to hang around for quite a while. I never really thought about it until @Doomlupe dug this up

Elements have different duration: link

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Thanks for the link. It would appear I need to start looking closer at Corrosive resistant shields since the DoT lasts the longest and I would assume to be the most damaging.

Fire-immune shields are your best bet; Although corrosive lasts longer it has a 0.4 damage modifier against shields and 0.6 against flesh (wich will happen whenever your shields are depleted) while fire has the same 0.4 against shields but 1.75 mod against flesh. Corrosive DoT’s last longer but it won’t deplete your health bar as quickly as a fire dot.

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Well then never mind I guess I’m covered

this should answer your question

Now, has anyone tested if the player’s skin material has the same elemental modifiers as enemies?