Elemental Damage is a joke in BL3

Hey guys,

Sorry to say this but…Elemental damage is just BS in this game. In BL2 / 1 and TPS it actually did something. Is it a bug or whatever?

Let me clarify:

  • Electricity has hardly any impact on shielding, except for MAYBE the AAA, which even then is just damage more than anything. In BL2 it used to be a shield shredder. Now on enemies it basically doesn’t matter.

  • Corrossive doesn’t really do anything against gold bar (I’m assuming armor?) or have any other real effect. Those enemies that hold up the shields - Oh you think you’ll melt them away or something? No…No effect, just burns the skin a bit.

  • Fire…Is okay? Does more than the others but moreso just decent DOTS but still not great.

  • Radiation…The only useful elemental damage type. Seems to melt everything, debuff and actually add good damage onto enemies. DOTS is pretty nuts with it.

Seriously, what the hell happened? Why do electric and corrosive do jack against the things their designed for? It would make playing through higher difficulties more tactical and a more fun experience having to build for the challenge of big shields and heavily armoured enemies.


Use a elemental Queens/Kings Call and see how fast you change your mind.

Dots arent the way to go with elemental damage. You have to find a way for elemental damage and Crits to work with each other since they are both damage multipliers.

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My shock AR totally shreds enemy shields, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about… I do dislike the idea of making shock damage do reduced damage against flesh again, like in the first game, though.

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Oblivious,delusional nonsense thread that needs no further feeding.
Play the game more until you understand it better is the best way this can be answered unless someone wants to write a memoir.

Elemental damage and dots are extremely overpowered.In every BL game.


As an Amara main, I must disagree with you.


To be honest…radiation recurring hex grenades are a little OP. Those things are no joke!

You can still do great damage with elemental, you just have to have the right build.

Mate… play as Amara.

Makes jakobs looks ■■■■

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I’ve barely touched Amara. I still didn’t see any problems with elemental weaponry.

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Disagreeing with you too as I don’t want them to make the game any easier, multipliers with the correct element used are there and definitely noticeable.

It’s great as it is.

People saying to use a certain build or play a certain character, clearly don’t understand the point of the post.

Elemental damage wasn’t about doing PRIMARY damage. It was designed for specific things. Like I said, electric was for shields and corrosive for armour etc…

In the previous games, they excelled at these things, WITHOUT needing a specific build or character to do it. If I want raw damage I don’t need any elemental damage. Elemental just adds to it.

My point was that elemental damage doesn’t do its job in this game, AT ALL. This game seems more focused on just upping raw damage overall rather than give a purpose to anything.

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Clearly didn’t actually read or comprehend the post. “Play the game more” is a sad answer to give, and doesn’t help anyone.

Been playing since BL1, I know what elemental can do, but it doesn’t work how it used to, it’s more of a damage stacker than a useful too.

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Cool, good to know I need a specific character and build to make elemental useful, but also it still isn’t making it good at its job, it’s just stacking damage to make up for the lack of doing anything effective by itself.

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Are you feeling ok? Because in different ways everybody gave you an answer.If you dont want to understand or listen or realise the problem is yours.Have fun with the game :slight_smile: At this point Im lost.

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They gave an answer to a question I wasn’t asking. I wasn’t saying, “what’s the best way to stack damage on elemental?” I was making a point that elemental damage on it’s own is useless at doing what it’s supposed to do.

It’s effective when you just stack it and pile it up, but it’s not effective. A tonne of electric will do a lot of damage but previously you could use ANY character and ANY build to take out shields with one because they were actually good at it. Same for Corrosive. Radiation is the only one that’s good on it’s own for doing what it’s designed to do.

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You don’t need to use Amara for it to be viable. She is just loads better with it. Elemental DoT effects deal roughly 60% of the damage a regular shot does. Elemental guns deal similar standard damage with an additional chance to deal a status effect and DoT. They have amazing potential.

I pull out my electric Vladof pistol against a Guardian and they literally die in 3-5 shots. Same with fire and flesh. Armor is pretty rare so I don’t often use corrosive. I can nab some gameplay footage for you if you’d like to see first hand.

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Ok I will elaborate.This one time.
Comparing different games without knowing certain details is foolish.
(Damage to current weakness differences/Health/Damage you deal/Build to enhance that damage)
They are effective in this game because thats how endgame works
(Enhance your damage accoring to the element something is weak to - or dont)
All this could of been avoided if you stopped and thought for 30 seconds.
Thanks for understanding.

PS.To actually learn the differences watch a video that Bahroo made about BL3 weakness values , and compare them to BL2.After that nitpick on the state of the game at the moment , the health / resistances etc etc. Things that should be taken in consideration before going into such a discussion.

You dont need to play a specific character. I dont know if you want elemental damage to be an easy button or something. However it can be an easy button if you know how to use it or scale it.

To me…you have a problem with your build. I can easily see the difference correctly matching elements and going for crits…and I’m a Moze main.

Bro…please stop degrading the OP. I understand you points about the elemental dmg and don’t disagree with you there but please be civil.
Constantly calling someone foolish, asking “Are you feeling ok?” because you don’t agree with their opinion, and calling said opinion “delusional nonsense” is taking things too far.

We’re all here for a common hobby so let’s be kind to one another.


I absolutely agree but threads like these and loot drop chance , and other really weird topics that developers look into (Or moderators of the forums) are getting out of hand.And people need to start considering if this is reasonable and what will happen if 9xxx people think “like me”.Thats how changes sometimes occur and not in the right direction.Also common sense.But no hard feelings from my side just stating the obvious.