Elemental Damage perk on 'Nades

What does it do?
Is the damage bonus displayed on the card like on weapons or what? I ask because I don’t see the difference between the 'nades that have that perk and those that don’t, at least not from looking at the item card.

Is the bonus applied after you throw the 'nade? Do multiple “Elemental Damage” perks even make a difference?

It’s a dumb question but I’m not well versed in BL damage formulas and stuff.

Do you mean part of grenade like +20% elemental dmg or Action Skill End anointment?

I mean part of the grenade. like it’ll be…

Elemental Damage
Elemental Damage

That means your grenade deals increased dmg vs the same grenade without that part. It’s already included in item stats, the same way as for weapons.
You should see below the parts list something like elemental dmg +40%.

I’ll pay closer attention, but from my observation I’ve seen non-Elemental Damage nades have a higher DoT AND Chance than some of the ones with the perk.

Although it might be a manufacturer issue where some manufacturers have naturally higher DoT dmg/chance than others.

Like I have a Pangolin with the Ele. Dmg perk with 40% Chance
Then I see that I have a Torgue without the perk and 50% Chance.

Makes it seem as though that perk is kinda pointless, but I’ll keep my eyes open to see how nades within the same manufacturer with/without the perk compare.

Ok did a bit of observing and noticed that if the damage is indeed on the card w/ the perk, then there is 0 difference in whether a 'nade has the perk or not.

Compared a Radiation Pangolin Epic 'Nade w/ Elemental Damage bonus (DoT of 15k and 40% chance) to
a Radiation Pangolin Epic 'Nade w/ NO Elemental Damage bonus and the DoT and Chance was EXACTLY the same (15k and 40%)

So that means that the perk isn’t working OR it doesn’t work as you say and it is calculating the perk after you use it.