Elemental DESTRUCTION Amara Build (Boss/Mob) | With Mayhem 3 Slaught Shaft No Death

Hey Everyone!!! I am super excited to be sharing my Amara Elementalist build with you.

This is definitely one of my favorite ways to play Amara, and with the addition of the terror anointments, I felt it was in an amazing place, and had to be shared. This build has high mobility, high healing, extremely high elemental damage, and decent tankability, it requires you to stay mobile, constantly aware of your surroundings, but there will almost never be an enemy that you wont be able to obliterate when played correctly.

The Slaughter Run shown is sped up to keep from making too long of a video, I have no problem uploading the full runs if anyone would like to seeā€¦ but you can always watch it live on my Twitch :smiley: The damage was neutral aside from the slight nerf to the tsunami from normal bullet damage -50%, the damage on this set up is unreal.
Skip to 9:18 for Slaughter Run