Elemental Effect Crit?

Do critical hits affect status effects in any way?

The companion, a Jakobs pistol will always cause a status effect if it crits

Other than that DOT’s should not be effected by landing crits. That being said the game is new and we don’t know everything.

Dots can scale off your melee attack with the dragon artifact (you can get 40k dots on amara), but dots won’t scale of crits

Thanks! Do you happen to know if Status Effect Damage affects Cryo?

I think status effect damage only applies to the DoT itself, not the actual shots. Maybe it effects the extra melee damage while the enemy is frozen though?

Yeah that would make sense. I’m using an Ice Breaker on my FA Fl4k and I’m trying to see if the 75% Status Effect Chance/Damage is worth considering over 100% weapon damage on Action Skill End. Think I’ll be sticking with the latter.