Elemental exclusive stuff

might be a controverse topic regarding moze’ skilltree (i dont use these fire skills because i want to stay adaptive)

but now that rocketeer is pretty viable again
how about giving moze other elements equivalents to this anointment?
i would love to have a radiation one because i try to play without 1hp now and the extra radiation damage is very useful for mobbing usually, or just for increasing the main element damage, cryo, corrosive, shock, what ever

honestly , in order to fully use auto bear anoint , u have to use trash tier class mod rocketeer , why wouldnt u use ase 2 mag instead and u can use different class mod that benefit u more in different way. higher up time too to make up for that 30% dmg

rockteer is top tier now
with TCP giving you splash damage and IB simply being stronger than moze^^
missed the patch? XD

idk , i havent tested moze stuff after patch , i dont really think tcp is all that great , sure it give damage but it also increase the chance of killing urself so it doesnt quite allow shooting in the face playstyle

iron bear basically 1 shots bosses while you are reloading your weapons
and sure, the cooldown allows you to even have him spawned 24/7 wichout rocketeer but while all people are constantly crying “i want to have fun, dont nerf weapons, i want to have fun”
i personally want to have fun with not entering a black screen animation every 10 seconds to activate my action skill and anointments
so i would prefer a real auto bear build with anointments that stay active as my action skill stays active for longer than 10 seconds