Elemental Hellborn Krieg, looking for suggestions

I’m trying an elemental-Hellborn build after my last build sort of failed. This is my planned build. I’m not sure where to put the last few points. Leaning towards Strip the Flesh for help against fire-resistant meatbags, but maybe Numbed Nerves might be better?

This is my planned loadout so far.

Florentine, Grog
acid Slowhand, acid Kitten
Rough Rider (I don’t like using Flame of the Firehawk.)
Legendary Torch
Quasar, Fastball
fire relic, explosive relic

This issue I’m looking to address are fire-resistant bosses and badasses. Elemental Empathy and Raving Retribution didn’t reliably keep my health up during those fights, and my last build didn’t do that much damage without my kill skills going.

Which is why I’m planning on using a Moxxie weapon for my acid gun. Planning on using Slowhand because its projectiles can’t be reflected by PWR Loaders and Constructors. If its damage is lacking, I’ll go with the Kitten. Or maybe I should learn to use the Hail?

Also planning on carrying some extra gear in my backpack to help with fire-immune flesh targets like Scorch.

I don’t have a lot of experience with Krieg, so if anyone has suggestions for improvements, or can see potential issues with the build, feel free to comment. Thanks in advance.

If you have problems with health regaining, you should use a Storm Front or Chain Lightning. And for hellborn builds, I would highly recommend using the FOTF. It can proc bloodbath, keep you healed, and more. If I were you though, I would put the points from Fire Fiend into Numbed Nerves. It helps keeping you alive.

Rough rider doesn’t work well in this type of build, it typically makes you squishier.
FOTF being the best, neogenator and evo can help slightly and at a point were used.
Adaptives were also tested and worked slightly.
The problem is if you aren’t dealing damage you’re taking it and you’ll also be taking more.

Also you don’t have anything that can consistently proc BB.

Bloodlust/Hellborn, not my preferred combo, but let’s see what we can do.

About the loadout, I would change the slag method, get rid of the Harold, and get an Omen and a Hellfire. Damage over time is important here…
class mod: leg reaper, shield FoTFH, grenade storm front, relic… health maybe

I would get a Hornet, a Pimp or an Omen for armored enemies, or a shock weapon (Twister, Butcher…)

Aim down with the same weapons, isn’t as damaging as you think. Constructors, the same, but get a corrosive Lady Fist, it is what worked with my meat man.

Twister or Flakker could be.[quote=“artag, post:1, topic:1511902”]
I don’t have a lot of experience with Krieg, so if anyone has suggestions for improvements, or can see potential issues with the build, feel free to comment. Thanks in advance.

We’re here for that, feel free to ask :smiley:


As x has mentioned, elemental pimpernels are good to have around - I use corrosive pimp against constructors as well as the lady fist. It’s taken me a while to get the hang of that gun but it can be highly effective.

Thanks for the response. I guess I’m going to try this then:


Grog? Slagga?
acid Omen, acid Pimp
Flame of the Firehawk
Legendary Reaper
Storm Front
fire relic

xmngr suggested to change the slag method but didn’t say to what, exactly. I don’t see what’s wrong with having a slag SMG. I guess I’ll go with Grog for a burst heal option.

I thought Plasma Casters were better than Hellfire, but I’ll use Hellfire for now since I do enjoy it a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with flakker, it just doesn’t proc BB last I remember.

hellfire uses less ammo per shot

i dunno tbh blut, i don’t use the flakker with krieg xD

You sinner, how dare you.
We must purify you now.

I’ll go grab my flakker

I use it with Axton

OH, true you have a Flakker xD

This is me we are speaking about. I have a flakker tattoo.

but you didn’t have a real life flakker?

I had one made, just haven’t had the money or time to pick it up.


A Twister could be a better choice over the a Flakker for the dual-scorch fight due to the ammo consumption. It’ll do less damage per shot but it’s easier on the ammo management.

… also, why not a low-level purple slag bouncing betty for lasting-AoE-slagging and less weapon-swap?

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How often do I say this.

I will mostly agree with this, they also bounce around a lot making the flakker a bit awkward VS scorch.

In my experience the Flakker never did proc Blood Bath
It did when the bloodsplosions from the flakker kill got a kill but thats how its supposed to be…
You could always use a fastball or a tediore reload(or a kerblaster) for guaranteed BB proc
And Flakker wrecks with BB active

Rough Rider should be okay tbh, Hellborn Krieg is still one of the tankiest classes even without the FotFH if you properly manage your self ignition and EE.

I agree as well
Besides thats a lot of health youre giving up on by not using Rough Rider(like half your health or sth?)
Aed seeing over 2 or 3 mill health on Krieg is just so satisfying haha