Elemental Infinities on PS3?

Just curious if other PS3 users have found elemental Infinities from Mercy or random drops? I have 9 of them now - all non elemental (7 rapids)… is this normal?

Thats just RNG.
So yes it’s normal.

Someone else can find 9 and they are all shock. RNG is RNG after all.

Thanks - there are a few other weapons that seem weighted towards NE as well, so I was wondering if this was a limitation of the PS3 (I have completed the Rapier quest 12 times now on different characters and got NE every time).
Do you know if each option is equally likely (20%), or if it’s 50% NE / 50% Elemental? Or maybe 50% Rapid Infinity / 50% something else?
If they’re all equally likely then getting 9 of any type is crazy… 20% to the power of 9… which (according to the calculator) is 0.0000512%… or 1 chance in 20,000 (the Rapier odds at 20% are 1 in 2.5 million).

I wouldn’t personally know since I never really cared enough to explore into that and I never had the seed code for elemental data.
I’d assume NE is easier to get but that’s assumption and you should never assume things.

Cool - I guess I’ll just keep rolling the dice! :smile:

On the ones I’ve tracked, it’s somewhere around 50%-80% NE, and equal chance between fire, slag, shock, and corrosive for the remainder. The reason for giving you such a broad range is that the number of runs I’ve recorded is way too low to be more precise, plus I don’t know if the split varies between different weapons (e.g. are the rates for the same for Infinity vs. Fibber? Don’t know.)

TL;DR - NE are always weighted more than elemental, but elemental types appear to be equally likely.

Small correction, Slag Infinities do not exist outside of mods.

Your only options for Infinities are Corrosive, Incendiary, and Shock.

From what I can tell shock is the most sought after due to its abilities to crush shields.

I farmed a set of ricochet fibbers for Gaige (took about 6 hours) - my impression was that everything had an equal chance on that gun, NE included.

How can you tell they are ricochet when farming them? I haven’t seen the updated mag size since the patch.

It’s there, same as before. You may just have been unlucky - you get runs of different barrel types due to RNG. You can also accept the weapon, test fire it, then immediatley dashboard to try again. Just don’t go near a save point.

If you’re on console you run player 2 off to one side so they can’t trigger a save, then accept the reward from Mal - you can either equip and shoot the fibber or just read the card (the ricochet has the biggest damage number). If it’s one you want then trade it to player 2 - I really try not to drop things on the ground after I lost 5 legendaries through the floor in the final underground area of the Wedding Day Massacre. Save/quit player 2, and then exit the game… then, if you’re dealing with the excruciating save and load times on the PS3 it takes you more than 3 minutes to load up and do it all over again…
I did consider doubling my chances by using a mule who also hadn’t done the final quest as player 2. Save before beating Mal, then turn in the quest for 2 fibbers… but you would have to make a new character every time you found a fibber and wanted to save it.

Hmm. I never thought of using my mule like that. Thanks!

Every weapon I farmed, in my experience, is heavily weighted towards NE (fibber and sand hawk are the ones I looked for the most); quest rewards at least, even if I also experienced it with dropped weapons, conference call for example.

One can also save after defeating Mal, so that one only has to speak to him to turn in the quest.

That’s what I do. After getting to the “hand in” stage, I exit to Ore Chasm and back, then quit. This means I respawn right at Mal on restart.


If you save after beating Mal then only your main character gets a fibber from turning in the quest, your 2nd has to be there before you beat Mal (and has to have not turned in the quest before) for both players to get fibbers when you turn it in.

I agree on the Conference Call - I have 4, all of them NE. The Sand Hawk (like the Fibber) seemed pretty even to me.

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This was what I actually did… and this was how I learned that player 2 doesn’t get the quest reward if they’re not there before beating Mal :disappointed:

Just did some Sand Hawk farming using the 2 player method… 46 guns (before I accidentally moved forward too quickly and triggered the “Return to Captain Scarlett” objective before the entry save, which meant I could no longer get 2 Sand Hawks per turn-in).
The result: 24 NE, 22 Elemental (and only 5 Dahl stocks!)… these numbers make me think it’s pretty likely this is 50/50 NE/E gun.

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