Elemental locked guns!

What is your opinion on guns that come only in one element?
are they a good concept or a bad one?

My take on this is that they are very nice because they encourage loadout variety so you can’t just have the same gun in all elements (thats kinda boring imo).

However with elemental lock comes limitations, sometimes when you have a gun you really like and it’s
locked to fire only example:

great gun very fun to use but limited due to being fire only.

So going into Borderlands 3 do you want more or less one element guns?


Ooooooo! More banter!
I like locked guns primarily for the fact that it gives them an identity - which is seems slightly lacking in BL2 compared with BL1.

In BL1, things like the Volcano, Defiler, Hellfire were basically delivery systems of remarkable elemental damage and DoTs .
In BL2, those same guns just seem to be…well…less so. A Hellfire went from being a fire weapon that happens to be an SMG , to being an SMG that happens to shoot fire.

The decision to make the Blockhead and the Longbow fire only seems somewhat arbitrary ( maybe something Minecraft related that I don’t know about ), but having them both fire gives them both a concept : Creepers = fire.

I do appreciate being able to get a Blockhead in other elements in the form of an Omen though.


I just want Borderlands 3 to come out in my lifetime :slight_smile: but to answer your question, I too enjoy a few single element weapons. The Slagga is a personal favourite, as is the Hornet. I don’t mind there being single element weapons, as long as there are alternatives to cover the other elements.

To add to what Jefe said, I like the uniques with one elemental option because they are unique in the truest sense of the word, not only being rare/legendary but also in their element lock. It doesn’t bother me if there are more of them, because we have many other guns that can deal with the other elements, or we can even just use Jakobs and have no element.


Is it really? I think not, look at most BL1 uniques and legendaries they are not that special really
at least most of them…but that may just be preference but i feel like BL2 gave the uniques a lot of identity compared to BL1


I agree with both points. BL1 had more identity in it’s weapons because there weren’t a billion variations of the same weapon and elemental weapons were so OP in that game, but I also don’t mind them weakening them in BL2, the Hellfire example is perfect. It’s a beast in BL1 for sure, and less so in BL2. However, it’s still damn good in BL2, in my opinion. Maybe that’s because i’m a Maliwan fanboy :slight_smile:


I want my defiler back :frowning:


I think bl2 had a good balance of element locked weapons. Most them them made sense(blockhead and longbow, blockhead shoots Minecraft fireballs and the longbow shoots flaming Minecraft arrows). Most of them were effective, hornet, twister, hellfire. Etc…

The only bad ones i can think of are corrosive. Stinkpot, retcher, and infection


BL2 guns are far more interesting / unique for sure ( BL1 guns are otherwise pretty bland ), but not from an elemental standpoint imo. The Volcano was the preeminent fire gun in BL1 - it was like a napalm strike. Now you have to make it work for you. It’s just a railer in BL2.
The Storm is a much more interesting gun that the Orion though.

Debating BL1 vs BL2 is not completely the point, it’s a matter of :
Does locking a gun to an element give it a stronger identity? Yes.
Do we like that? Yes.
Does having a gun available in multiple elements also give it an identity? Sort of.
Do we care that much? That’s the question.


I don’t anyways :stuck_out_tongue: Long as the locked element makes sense for the gun lore, and works with it, I’m good.


Thats a strong point here. Locked element can open a lot of gun lore like Hellfire, Storm, Pyrophobia, Flame of the Firehawk etc.
Because these wouldn’t make much sense if they could spawn with all elements.


The Electric Flame of the Electrichawk wouldn’t have the same ring to it, that’s for sure.


It would be like having a corrosive Storm Front. Since every unique and legendary has it’s own lore, It makes sense a few are locked.

the Shockwave of the Thunderbird


I concede defeat, this is way better!


Lightning of the Thundercats?


There are 11 pistols, 5 shotguns, 3 AR’s, 3 Snipers, 2 Launchers and 9 SMG’s in the game that have locked elements. Add to that the uniques that are locked in NE or explosive, and the number increases to 19 pistols, 14 shotguns, 12 AR’s, 9 Snipers, 7 Launchers and 10 SMG’s.

The total number of uniques in the game is as follows:

29 pistols
26 Shotguns
22 AR’s
19 Snipers
12 launchers
20 SMG’s

That’s an average of around 50% uniques with a locked element. I’d say that 50% is a pretty solid number when it comes down to identity. Many of these guns aren’t considered top gear, so they get overlooked most of the time. But the fact is… They’re there, they’re many and they sure have an identity.


It even completely works with the way the FotF works. Go me.

Flame of the Firehawk - Fire
Shockwave of the Thunderbird - Shock
Mists of the Zhenniao - Slag
Swamp of the Stymphalian - Corrosive


Thinking of it another way, how many of us have a full set of Sand Hawks. Does this make the gun less special? Is it now simply a tool to get the job done as fast as possible? I’d say yes, but we all have a different approach - some don’t care about special or uniqueness or identity.


As long as a red text item has an effect that’s all i care about. Element Locked or not. But as stated with the flame of the firehawk, a hellfire wouldn’t be as unique if it came in other elements.


The Sandhawk is special for diffrent reasons and its uniqueness has nothing to do with the element it comes in.

while yes at the end of the day guns are just tools we use for killing, Borderlands as a whole is a series where the purpuse of the guns especially uniques is to be…well unique.I look at it that way ultimately it comes to “how cool/fun it is to use” not “how fast can it kill the enemy” (for the most part)