Elemental Projector artifacts + pets?

Hey, does anyone know if the Elemental Projector artifacts grants the bonus to Fl4k pets?

Doesn’t work, pets don’t get elemental damage boosts.

Thank you!

From my iffy(at best) testing, the Scorcher’s passive elemental bonus does increase Atomic Aroma.

Do you know if this is the case?

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As far as I know, the damage increase from Scorcher should apply only to FL4K, and Atomic Aroma is Pet Damage from what I remember. I wouldn’t rule it out though, and can test it soon. @boombumr Might know

I was wanting to see if a +Radiation Old God might boost AA as well. I have been tryna farm one up to no avail.

M0 Base Damage: 1005
M10 “Base” Damage: 51K

Equipped Spiderant Scorcher
M10 Damage: 51k

It’s definitely pet damage and is receiving the x51 scaling. Gets nothing from the Spiderant boost which means Old God likely does nothing too.

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