Elemental Projector Deathless and stop gap

I think a new bug has appeared on the Xbox edition since the release of the new patch. I have an elemental projector deathless and if I take any type of dot damage other than cryo I instantly go down even though I still have 50 thousand shields left. I found it to be more common with incendiary damage. Also I found this bug awhile ago too but when using a stop gap and deathless artifact you instantly go down as soon as your shields brake instead or getting the immunity for five seconds after shield break. Not sure if the stop gap and deathless together are supposed to be like that or not. But I know for sure that the elemental projector deathless is not supposed to down me every time I take incinderary damage for sure because I never had problems like this before.

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if you have 1 health they damage that breaks your shield bleeds over and kills you instantly not sure if bug or intended but its been that way since launch. if they fix it i will definitely use recharger for moze

Yes! I noticed this too! I am using the rear ender deathless relic and the storm wall stop gap shield and have noticed on shield break, wether due to DoT or regular damage, the shield does not trigger the immune effect. Like you guys have said idk if that was meant to be like that or if it’s a bug which I don’t see why it would be meant to be like that nothing states that it isn’t compatible. But if it’s a bug it should be fixed immediately because it would make for a great build for either Moze or Zane! Zane has many shield abilities in his under cover tree but also hit man and doubled agent tree combined can create for lots of shield regen ie static field, schadenfreude, and quick breather. I have found I rarely drop below half shield and for the times my shield has broke if the stop gap shield would have kicked in I guarantee I would have been able to get away in time to recover. I HOPE THIS THREAD GETS SOME MORE NOTICE! Would be awesome to see this addressed by gearbox because if they aren’t compatible it would be nice to know that.