Elemental Projector Victory Rush

Hi lads, good day to all. I was looking for this artifact for ages (Elemental Projector Victory
Rush) for amara Spiritual build. Please can anybody send me one I’ll be very thankful :heart:

My PSN: Gahanich

@mortuzansedgars I can send you one. Will this help you? Reply if you are interested in.

Here my collection of artifacts.

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Yeah bro this would be nice .:heart:

If u can send me plz =)

@mortuzansedgars I’ll send you one shortly.

Enjoy your victory rush.

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@mortuzansedgars you don’t need a certain spiritual driver mod?

I actually do, I have one but it’s very bad compare with one that u showed to me. If u can I will accept it with gratitude)

Enjoy your spiritual driver class mod.