Elemental projector white elephant?

Does it exsist? And can the projector be farmed?

White elephant can be,from agoniser

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I thought Agonizer was the loaded dice? I’m curious to know if the projector can be a white elephant, it would be sooo dangerous!

Not 100% sure but on wiki that’s what it says. And yes you can get a elemental projector white elephant, it’s all over YouTube :grin:

Crap, now I have to work all day before I hunt down the artifact!

Do we know if there is a mayhem level requirement for a white elephant drop? I farmed for over an hour yesterday on Mayhem 1 (30ish runs) and got nothing but cosmetics and loaded dice, occasionally one of the damned or dictator ARs.

Mayhem isn’t required to farm artifacts but higher mayhem, I believe, slightly increases the drop rate.

I farmed Agonizer a few weeks ago for a loaded dice, 8hours. I don’t think I got a single white elephant.

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I think his loot pool is bugged. Other people have been reporting similar stuff. I wonder if there are other sources for the white elephant, like Graveward or something

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Thats what I was hoping to find out. Lol. Of course its to try the phasegrasp revelation build!

@whatevercb @wruehl

I’m working on trying to get a Knife Drain White Elephant, so that my Facepuncher Amara can have lifesteal while also applying the sticky bombs. I can kill Agonizer in a matter of seconds, and I’ve probably done 150-200 Agonizer runs in the past 2 days.

I have not seen a single White Elephant artifact, only Loaded Dice, and even that does not drop often. He does drop the weapons he is supposed to drop, but I’m not seeing the White Elephant. I believe his drop to be bugged, or the community excel sheet is wrong on this one.

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I farm Giga for my artifacts he likes to drop 'em often.

I may try farming Giga or try Scraptrap farming with lootsplosion turned on as someone else suggested. I spent my lunch break farming Graveward, and did get a couple graves as well as a Brawler Ward, which were nice, but no white elephant or Lob.

I got a few white elephants farming ruiner recently, still don’t have an elemental projector one though, but he consistently drops 4-5 legionaries per kill, so he might be your best bet.

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Agoniser is currently bugged and doesn’t drop world drops,only his dedicated drops apparently

what platform are you on? I have one on PS4 I can give you…

I’m on Xbox, but you may be able to help out the OP. I may farm more today to try and get it. Still need roughly 50 guardian points for the build I want. (Facepuncher/groundbreaker Amara) I’ve got everything I need except for the groundbreaker perk and elemental projector white elephant, though I’m having fun with the radiation stone WE right now.

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Groundbreaker does give the one hit delete build, but melee amara is still viable without it. Whilst not doing hundreds of millions, you should be able to achieve tens of millions with the right build without GB.

I did a build video in the video section if it is any help (though still needs the White Elephant).