Elementals snipers rifles still bug (glowing effect)

It’s was appaire after the UHD update for all elementals snipers rifles.

20190416122329_1 20190416122334_1

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Did you file a bug report on this?


Thank you.

There’s someone who’s getting special favors from Crazy Earl. :open_mouth:


I haven’t really been paying attention to it, but did notice the Pimpernel. More here :


Now I see what you are talking about. My Lyuda’s mag size is a little smaller.

Is the High Yield from the Community Patch? I have never used it.

that was very strange: when I unistal the UHD uptade, my sniper rifle returne normaly.

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Slag Pimpernel before UHD update.

May 31, 2019:


Same Pimpernel with snapshot taken today, Apr 16, 2019:


The first pic is 1920x1080, while second is 2560 x 1440.

(Oh yeah, it’s not in Flinter’s area, but the red chest near where Roland was locked up.)

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to see a more convincing comparison:

before UHD update

after UHD update


Have you tried it without any mods?

yes, i disable community patch.

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I don’t remember seeing it in the official one, but one can brew their own entries and the sky is almost the limit. I figured it was a bug of some sort. :laughing:

I’ve been in BL1 for some time now, and haven’t played BL2 since that update. How does one tell if the new textures are in use? I mean, I can grab some elemental sniper rifles and look for missing effects, but is there something officially noticeable?

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OMG, everything that I said about the UHD update was wrong.

I thought that it had automatically updated, but I now see that I had to request it.

I didn’t have it installed, and now that it really has been downloaded, my Maliwan snipers are missing the glowing bits.

I apologize for misleading everyone. I’m going to delete those totally bogus comments.

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Phew! That makes me feel less crazy.

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To quote Mister Torgue, “MY BAD!”

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I uninstalled the update for now. I actually rely a bit on the glowy bits as a quick visual confirmation that I’ve got the right sniper pulled up, particularly on my Vladof Sal who has many flavors of Lyudas equipped.

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Has anyone made a support ticket for this?
It doesn’t appear so - I’ll get one going tonight.

Edit - ticket submitted. Will report back on this thread if/when I get a response.

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Ok cool it’s not just me. I’m loving the HD texture update but I play a lot of Zer0 with a couple different snipers equipped and the missing colors are super bugging me. It makes it kinda hard to tell which one I’m holding. The game looks great but my snipers look so crap now. D:

I put in a support ticket and got a response telling me to go to the forums. So uhh hi new here. waves


Well that’s singularly unhelpful. I hate to say it but the response to my bullet decal ticket was also spectacularly useless. I’m guessing they’re swamped with tickets because they decided to release so much at once. Silly rabbits.

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The default autoreply always says “check out the forums”; I kind of wish it wouldn’t since most folks seem to try the forums (and reddit etc) first. Anyway, the most recent ticket I submitted took 4 days for an actual human response. (Which I need to follow up on but time…)

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