Elements on the Peak

Why? I have no idea

If I had to make a guess tho

The weird resistances either apply to all organism or apply to all enemies that previously were not digistructed because…well it could be intended or it could be a bug

Other big advantage is you don’t need to switch back and forth to fire and corrosive gear from one area to the next, just load up on corrosive and have a shield stripping something or other if needed

I have to assume that this is all intended. There’s a certain twisted logic to it. The Peak seems built for speed runs so the annoyance of switching was surely factored in.

I agree only having to use 1-2 elements is a blessing in disguise, but that still doesn’t make sense of the inconsistencies; and if it was intended to be speedy why not make every enemy armoured, instead of armoured and a weird void of ‘normal’? :confused:

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Could be a test to see if we’re smart enough to figure this stuff out- or it could be like the plot for the old movie called ‘The Last Starfighter’, were aliens recruited human fighters for their space fleet by having them play an arcade game… Just think, you could actually visit Pandora…:stuck_out_tongue:


Then it would be too fast and easy. It’s actually a great balance the more I think about it. And I should have said that it was built for co-op speed runs which makes swapping gear even more annoying.

I think you’ve nailed it :grinning:

I’d prefer elements to be as usual to be honest. It’s a disadvantage to people who don’t have immediate access to sources of expertise like this. And before I knew about the lack of elements, I enjoyed organising elemental tactics with coop parties, which is pointless at the Peak.

I’m a fan of different DoT work at OP8 (I know it has its dismissers) and Digistruct could be a relatively rare opportunity to be really creative with weapon choice (you don’t get many areas which have every type of enemy in the same run). Instead its flat. Right now it privileges 4 party speedruns when it could have a lot more potential than that. Not that there’s anything wrong with that type of play, but not all of us consider it the most fun on Pandora.

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What could been really cool is if you could change the criteria like the Mutator area in TPS. There you can make yourself and your opponents stronger and weaker in specific areas. The thing is, that that is the single most challenging and interesting area in TPS whereas everything in BL2 is challenging and interesting.
I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to manage - for ex - the 1st area alone with all the elements there. Co-op though could be pretty cool assigning specific tasks to each player.

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I think the resistances fit pretty well. Like, flesh enemies outside of the Peak have 1.75 fire damage multiplier and 0.6 for corrosive. Since in the Peak they are not ‘alive’, but digistructed – they’re kinda like robots – they receive corrosive weakness (1.75) and fire resistance (0.4) on top of their basic flesh multipliers.
So all of this (sort of 0.6 and 0.4 huh) evens out and digistructed flesh enemies have fire and corrosive multipliers of 1.

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thats a very interesting explanation you present
ive never thought of that

itd be hard to explain Dukino’s Mom(which is armored outside of the peak) becoming element neutral


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[quote=“the_bat_turtle, post:31, topic:1551314”]
[/quote]I disagree, shock doesn’t change at all. Corrosive however loses it’s debuff effect verse flesh. The only enemy that corrosive does worse than normal against is Dukino, and there it still keeps up fine. Shields in the peak are still generally pathetic and can be taken care of with the same methods as out of the peak. Corrosive is fully viable as an element and can now be used on bandits and spiderants effectively. I’m not sure it could outperform shock on it’s own, but it would definitely improve your chances when used in tandem with shock.


Again, according to my tests, shock did extremely poorly against robots but I’d love to have some more data on that.

Okay. I did some testing on OP4, and enemies had elemental resistances. Corrosive was doing less than fire on flesh targets, but did more to armoured enemies, which fire did not. I dunno if it was my set of Infinities or what, but they distinctly had resistances

Wow - now I’m even more confused. I was sure fire was “neutral” - therefore no buffs. I recall Bahroo hacked his session to trick the game into thinking he wasn’t there so he could demonstrate something or other - this would be helpful!

I think it’s time to do this scientifically. Take a non-splash elemental single-shot gun ( Hyperion sniper maybe? ) and duplicate it with all 3 elements (I going to have to break down and Gibbed this), skills off, no BAR, no relic. Then try on bandits, robots (I know they have a shock resistance on the Peak), beasts, bosses - they all may have different a different elemental status. To survive, I’ll run a OP8 Maya in OP0.

No time this weekend to do it but I’ll get on it soon.


See, NOW I’m cornfuseded.

I did OP1-2 already with a new siren. Main weapon was corrosive Bandit SMG level 72 (BotA & Leg. Cat are given). It didn’t seem to take unusually long to kill fleshbags, except that the many ‘slagged’ enemies in the 1-to-2 run just took doggone forever (assuming a slag resistance was at work). But even DPUH didn’t make much difference there.

Corrosive, as expected, still sucked against shields and crushed bots. Didn’t bother even equipping fire (launcher, corr. SMG, Grog Nozzle, DPUH). Now I may have to try fire just for those slagged spiderants and BA skags. Or shock. Not sure.


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I’d love to be able to test explosive but I’m not sure how exactly - at the very least it would need to be compared to Peak vs non-Peak. :fearful:

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IIRC, and I may be mistaken… I think enemies with specific resistances retain those in the Peak, while enemies who typically have unspecific resistances were neutral to fire in the Peak?

Bandits and slags there seem to get wrecked by Cloudkill, while Oney clearly retains explosive resistance, etc?


Refresh my memory here. AFTER doing the side quest with elemental weapons, does the range in Marcus’s shop give you different targets or is it just the one?

I know the one on Deck 13 1/2 in TPS has different types, but don’t remember the one in Sanctuary.

At any rate, would need to find spiderants, skags, bandits, and loaders & surveyors. Vidcap/screencap results against them, then run the peak and do the same with the exact same explosive weapon. As it happens, I think I held on to a Lance from the Torgue DLC. Single projectile should be more straightforward to test with.