Elements on the Peak

It’s just the one flesh target. Deck 13 1/2 in TPS has a dummy with shields, a loader and a flesh target


As I feared. And that one fleshbag is a Hyperion engineer. Bummer. Gonna have to test completely in the wild.

Pre sequel and BL2 are very similar. The elemental damage multipliers are the same (I think). You can test it by shooting the flesh dummy in BL2 and the one in TPS with a white-rarity Maliwan pistol of different elements (all with matching parts, of course).

Not quite, TPS has different UVHM multipliers. TPS buffs them going from TVHM to UVHM in BL2 TVHM has the same multipliers to UVHM(exception being Slag).

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Likely influenced in part by the lack of slag in TPS. Yeah, just to eliminate the question of there being potentially any difference behind the scenes, I think it should be trsted in BL2 for any BL2 reference.

Preliminary report:
So as proposed : all Hyperion snipers (Auditory Transactions) completely identical other than in shock, corrosive, fire - base damage 79152. BAR off, no relic, Leg Binder COM with no damage skills specced:

All testing strictly done on Digistruct Peak

OP0 skags:
Body shot :791K damage all elements / 2374K with slag
Crit shot : 15830K all elements / 47490K with slag
Obvious conclusion : all elements neutral on skags

OP1 spiderants

  • Monarch and Slagged Centurion:
    Head armour shot : 249K fire / 84484 corrosive / 142K shock (slag : 747K fire, 256K corr, 427K shk)
    Crit shot : 2849K all elements (slag : all 8548K)

-Fire spiderant:
Head armour shot : 83109 fire / 94982 corrosive / 158K shock (slag: 249K fire, corr data lost!, 474K shk)
Crit shot : 949K fire / 2849K corrosive and shock (slag: 2849K fire, 9498K corr & shk)

NOTE: quick test on a fire spiderant with identical non-elemental Hyperion sniper
Head shot : 237K / Crit shot : 3799K

Conclusion : spiderants have resistance to all elements (esp corrosive!! But least to shock) whereas elemental foes also retain their additional specific elemental resistance. IIRC, the only elemental beasts on the Peak are fire spiderants (other than slag). Non-elemental weapons do substantially more damage unless elemental relics (BoA’s) are used and then they are roughly equal - but only on crits. A case may be made for defaulting to non-elemental for sp-ants.

Edit : the more I look at @scclarke 's post, the more it seems I’m simply duplicating it, so I will halt further testing as he’s done a great job.


To be clear, this is on the Peak right?

Yes. I’m only concerned about elemental anomalies on the Peak. I actually thought I should update the above post to clarify that - so I’ll just go ahead and do that.

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One question about your non-elemental testing

You said you used a identical sniper
But dont non-elemental weapons(other than shotguns I think) have a higher base damage?

Yes - in this case 949814 vs 79152. It’s just that the splash damage plus any elemental buffs (BoA) may not equal non-elemental in certain circumstances. Or rather, spiderants have such erratic and goofy elemental weaknesses ( eg shock was best on body hits or Scorch’s fire resistance) that it may be simpler to go non-e rather than try to remember which element is best. In one test corrosive was the worst element.

Basically it’s worth considering and trying out. And only with spiderants. Any other enemies elemental will win out for sure.

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So I took some advice from this. Seems that shock worked better than corrosive or fire against Spiderants for non-critical hits. SO, I equipped a Florentine (along with a nice Hyperion corrosive SMG, Grog Nozzle, and Badaboom), corrosive BotA, etc., and ran the Peak for OP3. Smooth as silk. Didn’t bother swapping anything around, and ammo consumption never got truly problematic. Corrosive handled the Assassins just fine, as well. Either SMG worked plenty well against the Surveyors. But where I was taking forever to kill spiderants (those slagged centurion spiderants are a pain) before, they were dropping pretty quickly this time around. Still not sure if it’s a better solution than just pounding them with DPUH, but it’s better than an all-corrosive loadout to be sure.


My new Scorch killer is the Crit w/ shock Bone and L Cat COM. I swear it’s out-DPS-ing any other setup I’ve got - mind you, this isn’t testing, it’s just killing. I don’t have a shock SandHawk, so can’t compare that.

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Leg. Cat or Binder + Shock Ladyfist = 2 dead scorches. Hold that crit spot still for a couple seconds and Scorch just dissipates.