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I’m wondering what you guys are doing about choosing elemental weapons and relics on Digisctruct Peak? On my runs, I’ve found that corrosive weapons and BoA work consistently better on all foes, even those that fire should be better on. On most of the Youtube vids I’ve seen, many are switching fire to flesh / corrosive to armour ; but iirc, people here are referring to using corrosive only.

Several very interesting things came of the following thread.
The first test that was done regarding this was this here, albeit with a slightly misleading title :

The short version of the Peak based on the linked post (which I recommend reading first as it contains better testing) , some of my own testing and those who have reported in this thread is that fire, while perfectly effective on most “digi-flesh” (except Scorch/fire spiderants), is mostly impractical as most maps are mixed with robots. The general practice is to go full corrosive, since it’s the most consistent and one doesn’t need to swap out gear constantly.

  • Flesh is “neutral” : no specific resistances or weaknesses.
  • The exception is any spiderant : they are resistant to all elements to varying degrees ( most to corrosive / least to shock and fire - see the test for better into ) on non-crit locations (head) ; but neutral in crit locations ( thorax ).
  • Loaders have some bizarre resistance to shock with body shots ( but not their shields ). This requires more testing. Otherwise weak to corrosive as per the norm. The “eye” crit however is neutral ( shock, corrosive and fire are all equal).
  • Dukino’s Mom is neutral ( not weak to corrosive as she is in Lynchwood ).
  • The Assassins follow their regular resistances ( Oney to explosive / Wot to shock )

Based on my runs with Krieg (which is not a reliable comparator ) , explosive seems to be consistent across the board with the exception of Oney.

I personally go corrosive for all but spiderants , when I go shock.
My Krieg runs were almost exclusively explosive.
My Gaige runs were corrosive on mixed maps, OMG & Saturn ; and shock only for D’s Mom, Scorch, Black Queen & Assassins ( note : Wot was not an issue for her all shock LBT load-out w/ 250 stacks ).
NOTE - IF YOUR MOST EFFECTIVE GUN IS FIRE, USE IT! Just not on Scorch or robots of course.

If any of this is inaccurate or requires expansion please let me know.


Corrosive all the way.


That’s because people are used to using fire on flesh, but on the peak it has been shown that all enemies are susceptible to corrosive and so you should just go corrosive all the way. I forget which set of vids prove this, but they show with screencaps etc. of damage numbers.


Third confirmation:


Edited after getting home:
In a lot of videos (quick examples: most of MoLMF’s Peak runs, or dotanuki’s), people had not yet figured out that element matching didn’t work in the Peak at the time of recording. A lot of those guys would look even better if they knew everything we now know.


Thanks guys. I’m glad I had the presence of mind to recognize that my Bad Touch was one of my most effective weapons . I’m also glad to have my coveted corrosive Butcher :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can someone give me a link to the tests about corrosive damage? I must have missed that. The evidence I know of is in the thread ‘why your fire guns suck at the peak’ (paraphrased title - I’m on mobile but can delve for the link later if necessary). The OP in that thread did a test on Dukino’s Mom, normally armoured, and found that both fire and corrosive did no extra or reduced damage because she is ‘normal’ at the Peak.

If enemies’ typing is indeed normal, surely there’s a case for shock rather than corrosive? Given that corrosive guns do less damage to anything not specifically armoured, with shock being the only element that has no penalty? Add to that the number of shields which abound at the Peak (and resistances are still in place). I’ve looked (presumably not hard enough) but haven’t found the reasoning behind opting for corrosive, except seeing a mention that it’s the element that lasts longer in terms of DoT. Unless people are making the case that every enemy is actually armoured? Which goes against the only in depth test I’ve seen on these forums at least. I’m assuming I’m wrong here, but would be interested to know why.

(Also I know there are videos out there, but I much prefer explanations in words if anyone’s seen or has them).

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Found it here - will read it later ( playing now :wink: ) and link it in the OP


Seems that some testing would be in order- pure splash non-corrosive weapons vs. corrosives? Could explain why the shock Slow Hand the Rev has does so well against the armored foes in Magic Slaughter and elsewhere…

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Hello i test with my gunzerker moloko electric for all mobs and black Queens , Bonhead , doc Mercy , 4 assassins , 2 saturn it’s really great just corrosive for 2 torch , mother dukino and final Boss of digi peak

From my observatons the following seems to hold, pre warning I haven’t rigorously tested this.

All enemies that are prefixed with “Digistructed” the game doesn’t classify as flesh/armour. This just happens to be every flesh enemy and a few of the bosses, shields however remain unaffected by this


So… basically screw anything that sin’t Shock because didistructed enemies are neither flesh nor armour? That just seems kind of weird to me, especially since enemies in the Pre-Sequel’s holodome have resistances to elements

Well that was my reasoning, but as I said I’m willing to be contradicted.

Resistances are still in place though, so shielded enemies including surveyors resist corrosive or fire, Oney resists explosive etc.

Yeah, I might get my OP8 characters, plonk them into normal mode digi peak and see what happens from there

I’m going to try if I have time tonight to test corrosive only vs shock only. I’m not in a position to test other variables such as @Carlton_Slayer suggested so hopefully someone with the time and understanding can take that on :slight_smile:

It looked like corrosive was more effective on Digi loaders except on eye-crits - I believe

Corrosive doesnt do less damage on anything that is not armored

Corrosive/Shock/Incendiary(and explosive ofc) will all do the same damage to ‘digistruct flesh’ enemies

Corrosive does less damage on shields tho
So I guess in that aspect shock has a case going for it

The case going for corrosive is that

  1. It does more damage against loaders
  2. It has longer DoT
  3. Shields arent too hard to strip if the enemy is slagged

I personally use a Quasar so I dont really need a shock weapon


I concur with @the_Nocturni
I just did a quick test with Sniders : on unshielded “digi-flesh” damage was identical. However on a BAR-TNK’s leg (so no crits), shock damage did 1/3(!) of the damage. I used BoA’s - and triple checked I was using matching elements.
So ya : go corrosive and keep your Quasars and Storm Fronts handy. Actually all we need now is a shock/corrosive Florentine.

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Thanks, it’s good to see a full explanation for once!

What is the difference between Dukino’s Mom and loaders? Given that both are ‘armoured’ (in health bar) but Dukino’s Mom doesn’t take extra corrosive damage? :confused:

This is odd too. I know those things resist explosive, but why shock?

It seems that D’s Ma is an anomaly in the Peak in that she’s neutral whereas in Lynchwood she’s “armour”. It was insinuated that the Assassins do follow their regular resistance “(Oney and explosive, Wot and shock)” but didn’t appear to be tested.
This shock damage reduction bothers me though. I can’t help but assume I’ve missed something.

That’s what confuses me. I can understand a different system of typing, but why is it the case for some foes and not others? Oh well

Wait, you mean this didn’t show up for you? Their resistance was one of the few things I was sure of… I haven’t tested it for numbers but I well remember trying to Beehawk Wot with my shock Sand Hawk and getting nowhere. In fact I didn’t even know Wot resisted shock until I noticed how I couldn’t kill him at the Peak.

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I just threw in the Assassins because they have such specific resistances - I had no idea whether these are matched in the Peak ; but it sounds like your experience bears this out. So maybe we’ll stick with that :grin:
Frankly I’m not going to test it - I can’t bear the thought :scream:

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