Eleseer map Debris?

(Mister Sloth) #1

So i was looking at the map of Eleseer and i noticed that small \ somewhere in the far north of the map, and that got me curious. But there’s not really anything to see there.

So is this a little piece of coding debris? Or is it really something?


(seems i’m failing to insert the screenshot as an image here, sorry)

(Scourge of the High Seas) #2

Probably nothing. Can’t say I’d even noticed it until you pointed it out. Still, you never know… Backslash the Invincible?

(with sidekicks: Shoulda, Coulda, and Woulda) #3

I’ve never seen that either. Let’s spread rumors about it!

I found it easier to upload the pics straight from your hard drive. For some reason steam screenshots weren’t working for me either.