Elevator/door Glitch

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So, I was playing a custum user map on the PC version. I got to a door and shot the button that was supposed to open it. The glitch was the door kept on moving upwards without actually opening the path. It felt like it had portals on both end of the door and it just went on forever. I loaded the map on other Duke3D platforms and it opened as it supposed to. I’ve also encountered this glitch with another user map but it was an elevator instead, the elevator just kept going forever.

Any help?

If it helps, the door was timed; it will close again in 5 seconds and i would have to press the button to open it again.

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Since these are custom user maps, it would be up to their creator(s) to update them to work with the 20th Anniversary edition. Does the download site for the maps have any kind of contact information or link to a forum/board for discussion? There is very little traffic for DN3D here - I think your post may even be the first to mention user-generated content at all?

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Okay, there an email attached to the map, so I’ll see if I can contact the author about the issue. Not sure if he even cares about making the map compatible with World Tour though.

It’s worth a shot.

Edit: Whatever I dnclipped it… ’

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Sometimes game have realy funny glitch and bugs