Elevator in the Sentinel

Use the ultimate while standing on it. You will get stuck in the floor and have to relog. :tired_face:

What character were you playing as? I’ve used ult on a number of different characters there, and never got stuck. (Off top of my head: OM, Kleese, Melka for sure.)

I’d guess op was playing as Caldarius

Since, you know, it’s in the Caldarius subforum, lol.

As to the OP, I’ve used Caldy’s ult on the elevator before without any problems. I’ve also had the “stuck in the floor” bug several times before on a number of different characters (even on Alani once, I believe, on that damned elevator). It happened to me when I was playing Caldy on Helio Adv when I was standing on one of the nodes to activate the shard collectors, of all places. It’s definitely connected to vertical movement and I believe either landing where something else is already standing or being subjected to forced movement right at the end, such that the game accidentally registers you as being just below the floor instead of on top of it.

Still, I believe the devs have said that, rather than attempting to add an unstuck or “teleport back to base” to PvE, they would rather have players suffer through the glitches and report them so that they can be fixed (personally, I don’t even think they’re bugs with the game; I think they’re bugs with how the engine happens to resolve conflicts between server and client, but that’s just me, such that only really effective solution would be to include one of the two options I mentioned before).

That’s what I get for posting before coffee. :coffee: :coffee: That’s better…

Sounds likely, given some of the other memorable glitches associated with the Unreal engine (enemies floating away into outer space, etc.).

My guess would be activating an ult that sends you airborne just before the elevator starts moving, and landing on a moving platform (or vice versa) is a likely trigger. Might try and see if I can reproduce that.

To OP: did you file a formal bug report through the support web site?