Eliminate Homeworld 2 Auto-Jumping

Just to throw this out there, since I know it’s on a lot of peoples’ minds- we know for a certainty that this can in fact be done to the game now, since Gearbox had to do it to make the Homeworld Remastered campaign. Hopefully some enterprising mind can devise a way to work that same magic on HW2 and do away with that bugnuts irritating mission end auto-jump “feature” once and for all.


It was doable in HW2 before the remaster, (I did it for a personal mod) and should be about the same save with addition of the Hyperspace button interface instead of a key combo. Tricky part is setting up the events to trigger and clear, and there’s a couple missions that it might make more sense to not remove it. Once the mod tools are released you can bet it will happen in some form or another.

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Definitely throwing my support behind this. The current HW2 behavior of forcing you right into the next mission with no input once the final objective is complete is really annoying - would love to see this modded out and a manual hyperspace button put in it’s place. You could still do the “Resources Collected” thing for a forced quick-dock (same logic as what HW1:RM tries to do I guess) - I just want manual control over things.

Just adding my vote for this as well.

yeah and also in some missions you want to finish kicking ass or retire some ships because scaling is ridiculous

There are other ways to implement a more HW1 like difficulty scaling via scripting. The auto-scaling is pretty simple to neuter.

I’ll agree that I also would like a option to manually hyperspace. But I’ll also note that most of the missions, you can predict when its going to force you to hyperspace, and delay that last objective to finish other tasks that you have. I.E. Like the oracle mission, don’t dock your marine frigate until you’ve completed what you want to do. I’m not sure which mission that is unreasonable besides the intro mission, but that clearly doesn’t need to be prevented, sense there’s not much else you can do.

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This feature screwed me over nearly every time I played HW2 and was one of the many reasons I never went back to its campaign for years. (By the time I did my OS was no longer compatible.)

Ideally, this thread should be in the Homeworld Remastered forum to get the full attention it deserves. Auto-jump was such an annoyance in HW2 at the conclusion of a mission.

HW1 gave you the option to Hyperspace at your own disgression.
Cataclysm did the same and also added time compression to speed up harvesting the map’s resources and the rebuilding of your fleet.

I’m really surprised they didn’t change it for HW2:R since they did add the choice for players in HW1:R (in keeping with the classic).

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I’d hazard they (at the time) considered it to be an active part of the story telling, a way to constantly keep you on the back foot throughout the game :frowning: personally …bugged the hell out of me

it would probably break the campaign. i found it amazingly easy… too easy in fact… (design decision).

the final few missions do force some losses on you, but not enough to really hamper your efforts.

hw1:rm gets easy near the end as well. the beginning sort of forces specific unit decisions on you, but beyond that, too easy as well.