Elite Dangerous & No Mans Sky

Well I was very pleased that Elite Dangerous will at some point make it’s way to the PS4, and what about No Mans Sky? The game looks brilliant, the game looks never ending.

Will definitely check out Elite. But I’m really looking forward to NMS. Just hope it doesn’t get hit with a delay.

Well knowing the PS4 may never get HomeWorld, this really helped when Frontier announced a PS4 version, as for No Mans Sky, that’s day 1.
I just wish Gearbox would come around about HomeWorld on the PS4.

Haha, I thought this thread was the same guy triple posting.

Damn default avatars!

Same, wouldn’t have known without you pointing it out haha

We are Jacks clones. :grinning:

I checked out No Mans Sky because of this thread so, thank you. I was completely unaware of it before now and it looks pretty interesting. Looking at comments about the game, people seem a little unsure what you actually do in these worlds but considering the scale of the concept at work it could still be fun running around in game for a while.

If I had the money I’d have jumped at Elite Dangerous ages ago. At the moment I’m just signed up for the news letter, which they produce pretty regularly, so I just torture myself from afar instead of biting the bullet. Considering how long I’d been waiting for this game it’s pretty sad but the time sink it must be would probably short circuit everything I have in RL!

Oh i’ll be following NO MANS SKY, looks like it’s releasing late 2015 or early 2016 on the PS4 first, so will see what Sony mentions at E3. Also I wouldn’t be suprised if Sony gains exclusive rights to NO MANS SKY.

They won’t be getting exclusive rights to NMS, they just paid a lot to have it slightly earlier than everyone else. pls

Never say Never. In the game Industry.

Hello Games likes money, exclusive to one platform = less money.
Unless Sony paid for the game to exist, it won’t be exclusive.

Plus it’s already confirmed for PC so…

Playstation Console.

And the Troll Post again.



Well. I bought Elite Dangerous & No Mans Sky. I had trouble getting into Elite Dangerous because it didn’t have a good new player experience, in my opinion. No Mans Sky though, had totally hooked me and quickly drew me in.

I’m on Xbox one. And I know it’s years later.