Ellie won't shut up (bug)

I’m not sure if this is the place to report bugs but anyway During the 2nd Mouthpeice mission Ellie keeps yelling ''look around maybe you can shut off the power somehow ‘’. Naturally this is very annoying and I assume it is a bug as I already done the thing to open the locked door if thats what she was reffering but she yells it constantly anyway. Also with other missions where an NPC is yelling at you to get an item or climb a tower whatever it would be good if they were fixed to not repeat themselves obnoxiously while you are fighting a huge horde of enemies.

It is (unfortunately IMO) not a bug but a feature. There are multiple main and side quests in the game where an NPC acts as the ‘show-runner’, and give you hints and instructions. Take too long to get to the switch (or whatever the current objective is) and they give you hints, along with 4th-wall breaking comments like “Boy, I’m really telling you what to do, aren’t I?”.

I think the issue is that the timer between prompts is too short, and doesn’t take into account whether or not you are in combat. The one you mention has bugged me a couple of times because I was being shot at from all directions, which is not a good time to stop and look for some magical MacGuffin to advance the story!

When you have to save Vaughn in the beginning all he does is talk if you take to long (luckily hes funny)

Not quite as funny if you’re doing the statue side quest though! But nowhere near as irritating as Claptrap when you’re finding antennas and you’re at the one spot you have to slam through a trap door.

In the case of this particular mission it often is a bug. She will be stuck saying it even after you complete the task she’s blithering about, and at some point the mission may stop progressing until you quit out and come back.


I still get silent Typhon subtitle messages when I load into certain maps, even tho I already beat the story and am on a completely different planet

I don’t like the NPC’s being overly helpful in those missions because they are more of an annoyance. You are too busy fighting to be dealing with the npc repeating over and over ‘’ pickup that item, climb that tower ‘’ etc

I don’t know if its always a timer as the Ellie mission I mentioned I hit the target fast on the 2ndtime doing it and it was the same result but maybe it is a feature to troll players because I saw now that this ‘’ bug ‘’ has been complained about alot and nothing has been done to fix it and after the mission Ellie sais ‘’ sometimes the best way to shut someone up is to shoot them in the face ‘’ . It makes you want to shoot her in the face.