Elpis classmods from the Holodome. Alternate loot source?

So basically I’m wondering if I can get the legendary Elpis classmods from any other place then round three of the holodome?
The one I use on my dobbelganger has unfortunately dissapeared (I must have accidentaly sold it) and I’d really like it back.

The badass round seems to have random rewards… Is it possible to get it there? Or is a UVHM reset my only choice?

I don’t think you can get it in the badass round, and as far as I know, that 3rd round is the only round where it’s obtainable. If anyone else knows otherwise, feel free to correct me here.

If assuming what I said above is true, my advice is to see if a friend has a spare one, try the trade forums, or to reset UVHM.

I got one in the grinder, first try. Didn’t keep it as I was going for a celestial, but it can’t be that rare.

Thats not a bad idea… Does anyone know if the odds are weighed in favour of classmods from your own class?
If it is not I think it will be faster to just reset. I hate restart-grinding. Not that I’m ‘morally’ against it or something, its just mindnumbingly boring.

I’m pretty sure grinder is pure random.

I know that the grinder favours your own class when it comes to normal class mods, but I believe the legendary ones are random for all classes. Not that I’d be able to test this, since you can’t grind to a legendary on xbox yet…

That explains why it didn’t want to grind for me…

Oh well. Guess I’ll reset.

You can get one from the Badass rounds. Reward is random. Just do the Badass round once, and dashboard until you get one :slight_smile:

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Some of the enemies in the BA round also drop from the holo lol pool, I haven’t seen those drop yet but it might be possible.

All Legendary Class mods appear in the grinder except the Celestial Class mods for Athena, Claptrap, Nisha, and Wilhelm. Celestial Doppleganger and Baroness do appear in it.

I’ve gotten a Celestial Gladiator (Athena) from the Grinder:

Grind three purple mods with moonstones and it is an almost assured legendary mod. Then you can either dashboard or Alt-F4 until you get the chronicler model of your choice.

I have gotten several this way through the grinder.

They I am really unlucky…

I reset my playthrough and got it again from the Dome.

But just to not spread misinformation out there… Can you really get holodome classmods form the Grinder? Isn’t the elpis mods only availible withing the holodome DLC?

I grinded Claptrap’s and Athena’s.

Yes…I got three of them during a couple days of grinding purple mods
And finally Wilhelm…when I ran out of mods and started using Alt-f4

But I would think owning the Hollodome DLC would be a prerequisite…

I also got Celstial and vanquisher mods…

One very close to perfect Wilhelm Celestial I play with.

The unannounced and unadvertised addition to the grinder of three purples and moonstones is a almost assured Legendary…is a real bonus!!

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